The third Die Hard film and Phones

The third instalment in the Die Hard Franchise is incredible. It features the appearance of Samuel L Jackson, who had recently been in Pulp Fiction with the film’s main star Bruce Willis (although the characters never meet) and adds a great foil for his John Mclance creation to bounce off. Set in the middle of a New York summer, as opposed to Christmas time, the film starts with a bomb going off in a shop in the city. Chaos ensues, but then a strange demand is called in. John must walk through Harlem with a very insulting slogan on his chest. It’s just the start of the games that the Caller, Simon, has to play.

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It turns out that Simon’s bombs work on a set radiofrequency. As he points out, police radios and mobile phones have a “tendency to set them off”. Even a trip to a Vodafone Virginia company such as isn’t going to help. They have to use simple landlines instead.

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Simon’s plan is to blow up an unnamed school in the New York area and attempts to kill John as revenge for his killing; Simon’s brother Hans Gruber, in the first film, is just a cover. The real intent is to steal all of the gold in the Wall Street Federal reserve. The plan is to sail it out into the middle of the Sound and blow it up so that all the world’s gold is lost.

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