5 useful tips to apply eyeliner in different ways and be flawless eyeliner looks

To change your look often you just need to experiment with new make-up. An original detail or a little touch of creativity are enough to make you truly flawless. Here we talk about eyeliner: you will discover many different ways to apply it.

  • The evergreen “Cat Eye”
  • Double Eyeliner: how it is made
  • Creativity and art for a graphic make-up
  • Back to the 60s with the “Cut Crease Graphic”
  • Colored eyeliner for that extra touch
  • A floating liner for out-of-line makeup

Even those who love minimal makeup will surely appreciate the wow effect that is obtained by playing only with the eyeliner in different ways .

The must have for any self-respecting make-up is definitely the eyeliner , with its designs, its textures and its colors. By letting ourselves be inspired by the new trends, let’s discover together how many ways you can play with this inevitable make-up.

The evergreen “Cat Eye”

When we say “eyeliner” it is almost inevitable to think of the typical cat-eye effect. In fact, when you opt for this type of make-up you often want to lengthen your gaze. And so it makes the eye more tapered.

The brushstroke of the eyeliner, in this case, follows with a soft and thin line on the lash line of the eyes and ends with an elongated line on the outside of the eye. This design, it makes look even more chic and elegant.

For those who want to add an extra touch of creativity, there is also the possibility to blend the tail with a flat brush, reducing the too dark basic stroke.

Double Eyeliner: how it is made

Among the different ways of applying eyeliner, the “ Double Eyeliner ” is increasingly trendy among girls on social media . In addition to the usual thin line on the lash line, in this case it is enough to start a further stretch from the crease of the eyelid to return directly to the 70s

Style tip: to complete the look in the most faithful way, try to associate an XXL effect mascara, also playing with the thousand shades of eye shadows.

Creativity and art for a graphic make-up

And here comes the fun! Among the beauty trends that await us for this Spring / Summer, 2022 is the graphic make-up made of broken lines, decorative waves, and right angles. In short, it seems that geometric make-up will be king, a whole new way to give a new style to our eyes.

Do not be satisfied, indulge yourself by mixing black lines, fluo or metallic lines, also combining eye shadows with pop colors.

Back to the 60s with the “Cut Crease Graphic”

Why not take a cue from our most beautiful icons that have made the history of style? From Audrey Hepburn to Twiggy, from Adele to Lana del Rey, one cannot fail to take a cue from their unique and glamorous tricks.

Nothing complicated: all you have to do is start an eyeshadow from the hollow of the eyelid and blend it upwards. After that, the second and last step will be to draw the eyeliner line, lengthening and curving it following the trend of the crease of the eyelid.

The choice of colors is up to you: from pastel to fluorescent, with the Graphic Cut Crease, you will have the opportunity to show off a style that is always new based on your outfits and your mood.

Colored eyeliner for that extra touch

Who says the only noteworthy eyeliner has to be black? Another way to give a touch of originality to your eyes, in fact, instead of using eyeliner in different ways, you can also use it with different colors

In addition to the classic colors in blue, brown, or emerald green, the new beauty trends offer us nuances ranging from neon green to orange, from lime yellow to fuchsia. In practice it seems that the watchword is “dare”, so why not show off this new colored line, daring between an aperitif on the beach or an exclusive party?

The best ally for a perfect eye beauty look? Obviously, I’m talking about the mascara which, with its lengthening or volumizing power, will only complete your look in the best possible way.

A floating liner for out-of-line makeup

And if we combine a Double Eyeliner and a Graphic Cut Crease with the trendiest colors of this summer, what would come out of it? The result is the “ Floating Eyeliner ”, the most original style for the most enterprising girls.

In practice, it is a question of drawing the double line of eyeliner (lash line + crease of the eyelid) but using a super colored and super glamorous eyeliner. The choice of pastel, fluo, or metallic colors is up to you, and the low line stroke that can be stretched outwards or closed inwards.

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