The bomber jacket is back: the 5 tips to wear it with style

We have been seeing it for some time and it is now making its way overwhelmingly on the streets, also thanks to the summer that is about to arrive: I’m talking about the bomber, the jacket borrowed from baseball and American colleges and revised and reworked in a thousand ways.

Today it is one of the must-have garments and can really be found in a thousand different variations: in satin, fleece, plain or enriched with more or less precious embroidery and applications. There really is something for everyone. Given that, especially in the more elaborate versions, it is a very special garment, unless you want to copy Chiara Ferragni style looks, which are not exactly every day, you have to pay attention to how you wear it.

So… what to put it with?

The bomber is a sporty garment by definition and has a very specific length unless you choose it oversize, but you force it a little, in my opinion. Given these characteristics, it highlights the waistline and leaves the B side completely uncovered. For this reason, it must be carefully combined to avoid it emphasizing our flaws, instead of minimizing them.

Here are my tips:

  1. If you have big hips: wear it over a skirt, perhaps in plisse, another must for spring-summer, tuck the t-shirt inside and leave it open.
  2. If you have a lot of breasts: Avoid the patters on the front if you don’t want the eye to fall right there. Prefer a model embroidered on the back or with front patches but only on one side.
  3. If you want it in fantasy / elaborate: if you have fallen in love with a super embroidered model, better that the rest of the look is basic, so green light to jeans and minimal t-shirt. Do not mix too many colors, the bomber will be the strong point of your look, so focus only on that.
  4. If you prefer a solid color: it is much easier to wear, but there is a risk of boredom. How to make it more stylish? Add a piece that enlivens the look, as fashion icons do: put on a particular ballerina and leave it on your shoulders, or combine it with a patterned garment, as Olivia Palermo does.
  5. To never go wrong: regardless of the model you choose, if you combine jeans and basic t-shirts, you will not go wrong. Nice sunglasses and your favorite bag and you will be perfect!

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