Here is a guide with the most useful remedies for cleaning suede shoes from various types of stains and some advice for a “beauty routine” that always keeps them in order.

How do you clean suede shoes?

Imagine the scene: after work aperitif, you have just shown off your brand new suede shoes and he arrives, the distracted friend, who spills his spritz on it!

And it is immediately panic… Because suede models are the right allies of the hot season (and fashion this year considers them the perfect note to match your looks), but they are also extremely delicate.

So, if you have decided to get that beautiful pair of loafers out of the shoe rack that you can’t wait to wear, take 5 minutes to read this guide on methods for cleaning suede shoes.

How to clean the suede in the daily “beauty”

Are you thinking: “But I really have to clean my suede shoes every time I want to wear them”?

Yes, like the vainest and demanding of women, your shoe also needs constant care and attention.

Suede, in fact, is a very delicate type of fabric and you cannot forget it when you decide how to clean your shoes. This “delicacy” is due:

  • its lightness: suede leathers have a very low specific weight which is established during the processing phase;
  • to the particular type of tanning to which the leather is subjected which gives it that natural softness typical of suede.

Unlike other shoes, therefore, suede models need, as much as possible, daily cleaning. The fabric, in fact, tends to accumulate dust which over time can lead to the formation of some unsightly streaks. Therefore:

  • if the suede shoes are discolored and due to these streaks, you can remove them with a simple brush with rubber bristles. Just pass it (very gently) on the upper to give it a uniform color;
  • if the suede shoes are ruined by time, however, you can rely on the suede shoe, a specific product for this fabric that you can easily find at the supermarket. Usually, it comes in spray format and you just need to apply it on the shoe about 20 cm away.

How to remove stains from suede: its solution for each stain

And the famous spritz stain of the distracted friend? Or maybe the one you find on the toe of the moccasin after placing it on the pedals from the car?

Or that damned downpour that surprises you by pattering the whole upper with mud?

In this case, how should you proceed to clean or wash the suede shoes? Here is a table where you can find a remedy for each type of stain.

1) How to remove the musty smell from the shoe?

If you get an unpleasant musty smell after taking out your suede shoes, try sprinkling the inside with baking soda and let it sit for a few hours.

In fact, bicarbonate has a high disinfectant power and is able to absorb bad odors.

2) Can suede shoes be washed in the washing machine?

No, it is absolutely not recommended. Suede is the enemy of water, therefore, you must avoid cleaning nubuck or suede shoes in the washing machine, even with a delicate wash.

If you need to wash your shoes entirely, please use hand wash:

  • Dip them in a basin of water with warm water and mild shampoo
  • scrub them with a sponge
  • let them dry away from direct sun
  • when the upper is completely dry, clean your suede shoes with a cotton swab dipped in milk
  • finally revives everything with the chamois.

3) How to dry shoes without damaging them?

Shoes must be dried away from heat sources, with the heel on the ground and the toe raised so that white halos do not form on the upper.

Finally, if you haven’t been wearing your shoes for a while, wrap them in tissue paper and always keep them inside a box. Always keep them away from humidity and excessive light.

Summer will also be the season of bare feet and sandals, but a true gentleman knows that for his office wardrobe he cannot give up the closed shoe.

The solution? Discover our collection of men’s shoes: 100% suede moccasins to have an always tidy look even in high temperatures.

And show them off on all the occasions you prefer: after our guide, cleaning suede shoes will be a breeze!