How to match white shoes with heel

White shoes, with heels, are not easy to wear even if they are a great trend of the season. Here’s how to best match them to our daily outfit. One of the trends of the spring season that has just begun? The heels … White! They are not an easy accessory to wear: many women consider them too “bridal”, too classic, and bon ton. Follow our tips to choose and wear them in the right way.

Before identifying the right combinations, it is good to clarify the shapes to choose: low heels and bon ton are very simple but tend to “age” the look; on the contrary, vertiginous sandals and décolleté can weigh down the look and make it a bit vulgar if not exploited in the right way.

For those who are also a bit skeptical in choosing white, just prefer a model that alternates it with details of other colors, such as nude beige to stay on easy models, or with bright and lively colors to daring a little more.

Let’s now discover some combinations:

– The simplest is total white. Combining white shoes with trousers and a blouse of the same color is never wrong. Attention to detail: it is better to choose wide trousers on the bottom, which show the shoe in a sort of “I see I do not see” game. White trousers or jeans tight at the ankle height do not lend themselves easily to total white.

With denim: white “lights up” the jeans, illuminate them, and makes them sophisticated. Yes, therefore, to dark jeans or not, according to taste, and to a white maxi shirt, soft and a little masculine.

With patterns: white is a color that enhances other shades and prints. A white-shoe goes well with flowers, with stripes for a “sailor” look or with polka dots to give yourself a fifties, pin-up tone. Attention to detail: white does not go very well with animal prints, because it risks making them look heavy and a little vulgar.

As color combinations, white lends itself well: from the classic black and white to the most original choices. The right garments and accessories to match the white shoe? Never the bag, rather a soft jacket or blazer or a simple scarf.

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