Baldness in Men – What Causes it and What can you do About it?

Balding in men is an extremely common thing to happen, particularly as a man gets older, but even in young men it is not unusual to start to lose hair before they reach their twenties.

How To Tell If You're Going Bald | The Bald Company

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The reason that many men go bald is due to a sensitivity to a product produced by the male hormone testosterone. This is a genetic thing, so a man will be born with this so it is not something that can be prevented – a good clue is to look at men in the immediate family – fathers and grandfathers – and see when or if they went bald – the chances are it will be the same for you.

Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is the main cause for male baldness. You usually will notice the hair start to thin out around the temples or on the top of the head. It can also be spotted by the hairline at the front starting to recede.

What Can Be Done About A Receding Hairline?

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Some men embrace the baldness, and fully shave the hair off when this starts to become noticeable, but for others they are not as happy with the situation and seek ways to rectify it!

There are many options available to men who want to overcome their baldness – these include wearing a wig or a toupee, scalp micropigmentation or a hair follicle transplant. It is worth researching these various options if you are looking to get rid of your baldness!

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