Black eyeshadow: how to avoid the “panda!”

We all look at it a bit with distrust. Because black eyeshadow is one of the riskiest: just choose a texture that is too dusty or not very blendable to find yourself with black eyes or with a panda effect!

But it is equally inevitable that we like the black on the eyes: it makes our looks magnetic and intense, almost magical. So here are some tips to use black eyeshadow in your favor and ban the “ punch in the eye! “

Choose the eyeshadow that blends best without leaving stains

When buying it, choose the product that blends best without leaving spots on the skin. It does not matter whether it is in powder or cream, but what matters is the compatibility of the product with your own manual skills: therefore never buy a black eyeshadow without having had the opportunity to try it firsthand in perfumery.

Apply the product on the back of your hand and then try to blend it with your finger or with the help of a tissue: if the color remains stained, the product is to be rejected, instead choose the product that is easier for you to blend evenly.

Before setting out to copy the smokey eyes of a model seen in a magazine or other with black eyeshadow, keep in mind that in photographic / television studios the lights make certain types of make-up much less ” excessive ” which, however, may not have a pleasant effect under natural lights and especially up close ( and not on a stage or a photo set! ). Also keep in mind that in the evening you can be more daring with makeup thanks to artificial lights while during the day the sunlight forces you to choose a smokey in lighter shades.

How to use black eyeshadow

Try to use black only in the outermost part of the eye, while all over the eyelid you can apply gray to obtain a softer and more gradual shade. Don’t forget a clear and pearly light point in the inner corner , to open your gaze instead of making it look black and gloomy! Just outline the lower lash line with black or dark gray, without going down to the dark circle’s area ( you don’t want to highlight them, do you? ). Quietly use a butter-colored pencil in the lower rim of the eyelid to enlarge and brighten the look.

Black eyeshadow and complexion

It is often said that black eyeshadow only suits medium and olive complexions while giving lighter ones a terrible gothic effect, while others say that black creates contrast with light complexions by highlighting them ( in a positive way ): the It is important to know that there are different shades of black and each one gives different types of complexion, the only way to find the right shade is to experiment!

Not just smokey eyes: you can also use black eyeshadow instead of pencil and eyeliner to highlight the look with fewer application errors.

If you want a blended look, apply the black eyeshadow to both the upper and lower lash lines, starting from the middle of the lids outwards, using an angled eyeliner brush. Then take a blending eye brush and soften the line well until it seems almost ” smudged “. The suggestions made for smokey eyes on the light point inside the eye and on the butter-colored pencil are valid.

For a more defined “ eyeliner ” effect, instead, use wet eyeshadow: spray an angled brush with water and apply the eyeshadow as you would a gel eyeliner.

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