How to apply cream eyeshadow

How to Apply Cream Eyeshadow? Follow These Process

If powder shadows don’t last long in your eyes, your skin is too dry, or you just want to wear a different type of makeup, trying creamy-textured shades can be a great option. These are characterized by keeping your eyelids well moisturized and providing a much more intense color and shine. In the next article, we explain step by step how to apply cream eyeshadow, put it into practice and your eyelids will acquire an incredibly velvety texture.

How to apply cream eyeshadow?

The best way to apply cream eyeshadow to achieve a spectacular result and avoid lumps is to do it directly with your fingers. Now, before starting to make up the eyelids, it is preferable that you use a primer of shadows so that they do not crack and remain intact for a longer time. Spread a small amount of eyeshadow primer over the mobile eyelids, lightly tapping with your fingertips until the skin completely absorbs it.

How to apply cream eyeshadow

Once the primer has dried, it’s time to apply the cream eyeshadow. Keep in mind that these, unlike powder shadows, offer a more intense and vibrant color, so it will be enough to use a small amount. Take a little cream shadow with your fingertip and apply it to the mobile eyelid, massaging it without force. Blend the product well.

Now, check if the result is what you expected or if you prefer to apply a little more shade to make your eye makeup more striking. Finally, we advise you to apply translucent powders on them with the help of a brush. This is a trick widely used by professional makeup artists, as it helps to absorb oil from the skin and will make the color much more durable.

The cream shadows perfectly blurred and are ideal for making color mixes. So don’t be afraid to innovate and try different types of combinations. If you are going to apply two different shades, so that the finish is natural, you must drag that shadow that you want to predominate towards the cut line between one and the other. It usually looks better with the shadow that is applied to the outside.

If you like to wear an extra bright glitter eye makeup, you should know that the creamy texture of these shades makes them ideal for sticking glitter on them. You just have to take them with a small brush and apply them on the eyelids.

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