Moved but not too much? Try flat waves on your hair

Do you want to show off wavy but not too voluminous hair? Then flat waves are for you! A simple, delicate, and super cool hairstyle.

What is the hairstyle that is most reminiscent of summer, the sea, and that sense of freedom capable of making every day a unique opportunity to have fun and amaze those around? Surely the waves, the real stars of summer hair, both long and short. From the most moved to the sweetest, calm ones. Also in a light version, just like the flat waves.

The coolest waves of the moment, are loved by celebs from all over the world and perfect for those who want to move their hair but without increasing its volume. With flat waves with a super glamorous effect, elegant and absolutely to be copied. A hairstyle that, it should be said, does not suit all hair types unless you resort to some beauty tricks.

For example, flat waves do not lend themselves very well to very curly hair, which should be straightened first, or to very fine hair, as the waves may have difficulty creating and remaining intact. But let’s see how they are done so you too can try to recreate them on your beautiful hair.

Usually, flat waves are created with the help of a tubular iron or plate. Take care that the hair is dry and free of knots and apply a thermo protector to it before starting. Essential step to protect the hair from the heat. To make them you will need to:

  • Take a small lock of hair and insert it into the iron, moving it 180 °;
  • At this point, taking the lock back about two centimeters from the starting point, reposition the iron by moving it to the opposite side. And proceeding in this way up to the tips and throughout the hair.

What if you don’t want to use heat? No problem, flat waves can also be created in a simpler way and without using an iron. To make them, just apply a modeling product to the hair and create braids of various sizes on all the hair. Leaving them on all night. Once awake, then, you will have to undo all the braids, open them gently with your fingers and move your hair as if to comb them. And your flat waves are ready to show off, beautiful, supernatural, and with a guaranteed wow effect.

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