How the Flat Cap Became Fashionable Again

The flat cap became a common sight in the late sixteenth century, when a law made it mandatory for males over the age of six to wear wool made in England or face a fine. While the law only lasted two decades, it still inspired a revival in the flat cap. Today, you can see flat caps worn by David Beckham, Guy Ritchie, and the Peaky Blinders of TV fame. To get your hands on irish flat caps, visit

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The flat cap is now made of lightweight fabric that makes it suitable for all weathers. In addition, the flat cap can be easily folded and kept in a pocket. Its versatility and understated style makes it a popular fashion accessory despite the fact that it started life as a symbol of the working man.

Before the flat cap became fashionable again, it was widely worn among rural workingmen. The law of the late 16th century required that any male over the age of six wear a woollen cap to avoid a fine. However, this law didn’t apply to the nobility or the wealthy. The flat cap became a common clothing choice among working men and apprentices therefore, and in the 19th century, the flat cap became a symbol of the working class.

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The flat cap was originally known as the bonnet, and it was born in Northern England. The British government aimed to promote the wool industry by making men wear woollen caps. However, this law was repealed in 1597. Although it did not make men from the upper class wear a wool cap, it did remain a part of the working man’s uniform.

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