90s makeup: tutorial to transform yourself into a grunge girl

The 90s makeup was affected by the great news of the time, such as the very first TV series, cult films, and the launch of the bands. In this article, we will see a simple tutorial to transform yourself through make-up, inspired by the Spice Girls, Jennifer Aniston or Katie Holmes. Brushes in hand and off you go!

When we talk about 90s make-up, for many readers, we mean reliving the years of days at school, of first loves, of some cult TV series that have driven millions of kids crazy, of the most beautiful and famous supermodels. of all times and bands.

90s makeup: history and icons of an era

Ugly or beautiful, the 90s are characterized by an endless series of events. Two terrible wars, that of the Gulf and that in Bosnia and Kosovo, which irremediably involve Italy too, where the period is already particularly sad: it is impossible not to mention the Mafia massacres in Capaci and the Mani Pulite investigation which involved several Italian politicians among ministers, deputies, senators, but also entrepreneurs and former presidents of the Council. The political system in Italy, therefore, was going through a time that was anything but rosy. In this period, however, the first internet connections and the first websites

The main features of 90s makeup

The 90s makeup is definitely more natural than the 80s makeup, and we can define it in some way, even cleaner, without excess.

The main focus is on skincare and hydration, and the unstoppable success of medicine and cosmetic surgery begins: botox to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead, or blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the eyes.

Let’s see in detail the main features of 90s makeup :

Base: the foundation in the 90s is light, almost imperceptible and the texture must blend with the skin.

Blush: the favorite blush is light and often tends to be combined with the color of the lipstick. The most used colors are peach, mauve, and brown, to be adapted accordingly to one’s complexion.

Eyebrows: the 90s are also “infamous” for the return of thin eyebrows (and wild twisting!). If you are a victim, see here how to fill in your eyebrows!

Eyes: the eye makeup of the 90s was really simple: a dark smokey eye with the eye also surrounded by a black pencil, almost smudged. The favorite color was blue, in the shimmer or glitter version. Because of its simplicity, this type of makeup is still very popular today.

Lips: Lips tended to favor colors such as brick or red-brown. But the 90s are famous for the fashion of the lip contour that is darker than the center of the lips. Luckily this trend is gone, because let’s face it, it wasn’t very glamorous!

90s make-up: the face base

We will dedicate the broadest paragraph of 90s makeup to the face. The skin in this period must be rigorously opaque and defined in every detail. To obtain a uniform complexion, go ahead with foundations that make the skin homogeneous and that manage to guarantee an excellent result while using very little product. In general, women start to become more demanding and expect great performance from the make-up products they buy. Brands act accordingly: for this reason, from covering and colored products they also become luminous, reflect light and smooth out wrinkles. In short, they start to become multi-tasking and smarter that is, able to adapt to the new needs of the female world.

In the 90s the complexion of the skin darkens by at least two tones compared to the original color, and often glitter is also used on the body for special occasions!

The blush takes up the shades of the lips, and always remains rather neutral, more like an earth than a real pink blush. The first liquid blushes also appear, which are applied in small drops by tapping with the fingers to blend.

In summary, what do you need for a 90s-style face base? Moisturizing foundation and concealer with a light texture, then mattifying with powder, contouring with earth/blush trying to return the natural shadows of the face, without exaggerating.

Finally, the definition of the eyebrows, which even if the trend wants thin, let’s leave them as natural as possible!

90s eye makeup

In 90s makeup, the eyes are surrounded by a slight smoky effect, in shades of brown and beige and sometimes even black pencil or even eyeliner to define the look.

The ideal way to catapult into the 90s is to make blue smokey eyes and add a tone-on-tone metallic eyeshadow to the center of the eyelid. You could do the same thing by using a shade of green.

To complete everything, we can use the black writing pencil and useful to outline the whole eye, even along the upper lash line. Finally, a good dose of mascara to volumize the lashes and open the eyes.

How to make up your lips in the 90s

Last but not least, let’s deal with the topic of lips. The undisputed trend is that of brick red. All the girls had at least one brick of red lipstick in their makeup bag, which they used to fill in the center of their lips after edging the outline with a dark brown pencil. If you’re thinking the end effect was awful, you’re absolutely right, but that’s not all. To conclude the lip makeup, a pearl gloss was also used that gave a frost effect. .. thrilling! (it is appropriate to say it). In some cases, you could decide to use only a dark pencil on the lip contour and then fill the center with a pearl gloss.

Easy 90s makeup tutorial

Here’s an idea you can use to transform into 90s grunge. Follow the steps below.

  • First of all, dedicated to the face base. As we have seen, it will have to be darker than usual and you can get it with a foundation that is 1 or 2 tones darker than yours. Set everything with the powder and also do a light contouring with the earth. Don’t apply blush right away, but switch to eye makeup.
  • Define your brows first, but keep in mind that if you’re re-creating 90s makeup, you don’t have to shave them to make them appear thinner. Even if the trend wants super-thin brows, you can simply define and fix your naturals with a clear gel.
  • On the eyes after applying a primer to make the eyeshadows adhere better, use a matte dark blue as a base and then dab a little blue color but this time metallic. At this point take a black pencil and fill in the lower and upper inner rhyme, to have a complete border of the eye. Apply a volumizing black mascara to finish.
  • At this point, take care of the lip makeup and after having spread a brown pencil on the outline, blend it slightly and then fill in the center with a lighter brown lipstick (brick type). Apply a pearl gloss to the center.
  • Finally apply the blush, to be chosen similar to the color of the lipstick.

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