how to wash mosquito net

How to Wash Mosquito Net? Follow These Steps

The mosquito nets are an essential furnishing accessory in summer and considered by many the most efficient way to keep mosquitoes away without giving up to get a little ‘air from the outside and make more bearable the torrid summer days. But like everything they need careful cleaning and maintenance. In this guide, we will see how to wash mosquito net avoiding to break them since the canvas that composes them is subject to easy breakages.

How to wash mosquito net?

You will need:

  • Spray degreaser
  • Soft sponge
  • Vac
  • Large bowl
  • Warm water
  • Detergent for fabrics
  • Towels
  • Clotheshorse
  • Bedsheet

how to wash mosquito net

Clean the sliding mosquito nets

The mosquito nets are very different from each other but none require special or special tools to be washed. Let’s start with sliding mosquito nets that are as comfortable as they are delicate to clean and wash without letting them come out of the sliding tracks. To wash them we will need a spray degreaser of the liquid ones (we avoid the foamy ones because they are difficult to distribute), a soft sponge and a vacuum crumb.

First, we pass the latter along with the whole canvas of our mosquito net so as to remove the dust and we use support placed behind to avoid deforming the mosquito net during aspiration. At this point, we can move on to the actual cleaning by spraying the degreaser along the entire surface and letting it act for a few minutes. After the necessary time, we gently pass the sponge, after having immersed it in lukewarm water. At this point the game is done, let the mosquito nets dry and they will come back like new.

Clean the detachable mosquito nets

Of course, the detachable mosquito nets are easier to clean, as you can use the same method used to clean the filters of the air conditioners. In fact, take a large bowl and fill it with warm water and detergent for fabrics. We put the mosquito nets to soak for a few minutes and then lift them by gently shaking them. At this point, rinse them in another basin, containing only water and let them dry and then put them back in their place.

Clean the mosquito nets

We see how to wash the mosquito nets, which are generally put to protect the cradles or strollers of our children: washing this type of mosquito nets is much easier than both sliding and removable ones. In fact, it will be sufficient to beat the towel out the window or the balcony to give it a first dusting and then wash them directly in the washing machine using a detergent for delicate clothes and finally rinse in cold.

While to dry them you can use two towels, in the middle of which to store the towel or simply use a drying rack, using a sheet that making it thicker prevents the towel from breaking.

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