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How to Wash Wool Clothes Without Shrinking? 5 Easy Tricks

When the first intense colds arrive, between November and December, it’s time to store T-shirts and T-shirts. Dust off loved ones, fluffy sweaters, and woolen cardigans. They are perfect garments to isolate us from the external frost, soft and comfortable to face the winter. But wool is a material that easily suffers damage. It often happens that due to a wrong wash, the wool becomes felted. In other cases, the leaders lose their original shape and become unusable. But to remedy the problem, it is sufficient to pay a little more attention. Like all delicate fabrics, wool needs some extra care. Let’s see together 5 tricks to wash woolen clothes without ruining them.

How to wash wool clothes without shrinking?

The division of the garments based on color is not only important between different fibers. It is always essential to do it, even with wool-only garments. Some garments could always dull and stain irresistible white clothes. For this reason, we should always separate the colors from the whites. In this way, we will be able to keep sweaters and sweaters as white as snow.

Set the washing machine, not above 40 ° C

Wool is a delicate fiber that suffers damage from too high temperatures. Most modern washing machines have pre-installed programs. Generally, there is a program for ‘wool and delicates.’ If there were none, remember never to exceed 40 ° C. In this way we will avoid unpleasant inconveniences on our woolen garments.

wash wool clothes

Wash clothes by hand

The valid alternative to the washing machine is hand washing. Washing wool by hand reduces the risk of damaging them. On the market, we will find a wide selection of soaps suitable for wool for hand washing. Just fill a basin with water and pour it in the wool soap. We soak the clothes and let them soak for a while. Enough to remove impurities, as indicated on the product label. If it were necessary to rub a little to remove spots, let’s do it gently.

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Rinse with warm water

Even in hand washing, the “norm” of 40 ° C applies. We do not rinse the clothes with cold water, but not yet hot! Let us stay at a temperature similar to that of the body, at 36-37 ° C. We rinse under running water until the water itself is clear, free of soap or color. When we wring woolen clothes, we always try not to twist them.

Spread the garments horizontally

It’s time to roll our woolen clothes. But before doing so, we banish the clothes pegs: the woolen garments stretch horizontally. If we have an openable drying rack, the operation will be very simple. We lay sweaters, cardigans, and scarves on the closed drying rack. We do not expose the items in direct sunlight. In this way, clothes and accessories will remain beautiful and soft as new.

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