how to take care of winter clothes

How to Take Care of Winter Clothes? Woolen Clothes, Jackets and Velvets

A winter sweater, a wool coat, or a good quality leather jacket can be a real investment. There is a lot of mystery and lack of information …

To prolong the life of your winter clothes, we compile a guide on how to take care of winter clothes. Wash and store wool, winter clothes, feathers, and velvet-like a professional. Keep reading!

How to take care of winter clothes?

1. Despite what the label says, winter clothes should be washed by hand in cold water and with baby shampoo to achieve optimal softness and protect it from chemicals (and only about twice a season).
2. Never hang a winter vest by the shoulders as it will stretch. Avoid hanging it in general.
3. To dry it faster, use a container to wash lettuce so you can squeeze it quickly and without damaging it.
4. Always fold winter sweaters in three so that there is no line in the middle.
5. Always wash winter clothes before storing it for the summer, as moths are attracted to perfume, food, deodorant, and smoke odors.
6. If you wash it dry, be sure to remove it from the plastic as soon as possible.

Wool coats, vests, and pants

Wool coats

7. During the winter, clean your wool coats with a lint remover brush to remove dirt from the environment.
8. Hang wool coats on firm wooden hangers so that the weight of the coat does not stretch the shoulder area.
9. Wool coats should not be hung tightly in a closet since the material needs to breathe.
10. Remove wool stains with a little cold water or soda using towel nova.
11. Wool coats should be washed at the beginning and end of each season. Remember that moths are attracted to scents of perfumes, food, deodorant, and smoke, so don’t forget to wash it before storing it!
12. Empty the pockets of woolen garments after using them to prevent them from losing their shape.
13. If your wool sweaters say you should wash them by hand, you can use the softer washing machine cycle or the specific one for wool.
14. To wash by hand, use a mild detergent and warm water and let the garment stand for about 3 to 5 minutes. To dry, squeeze gently and lay it on a flat surface.
15. Never use boiling water or chlorine with your woolen garments.
16. To dry, gently squeeze the garment and leave it on a smooth surface to prevent wrinkles and allow the elasticity of the fabric to return to its original position.

Down jackets and blankets

Down jackets and blankets

18. It is key to use a front washer since one that is loaded from above can damage the garments below.
19. Use the continual squeeze cycle in the machine and the correct amount of detergent. It must be according to the instructions on the bottle.
20. Do not add more detergent than necessary, since residual soap prevents feather garments from becoming spongy.
21. If your cloth is filthy, stop the machine for half an hour to soak it.
22. To ensure that all detergent is rinsed, run the laundry through an additional wash cycle without soap.
23. Drying is a slow process because heat can cause wear on feather-filled garments.
24. However, you need some heat because otherwise, drying will take too long.
25. In a traditional dryer, low heat works best for feather garments.
26. Do not get frustrated if, after a conventional drying cycle, your clothes are still wet. Make it split again with low heat.
27. Always put some tennis balls to break lumps.
28. Even with the tennis balls, remove the jacket from the dryer periodically and redistribute the feathers with your hands.



29. Always read the labels, since some velvet fabrics must be dry cleaned, and others can be machine washed.
30. Never iron the velvet, as you will crush the fibers and leave a mark.
31. You can use a steam iron to remove wrinkles from the garment by turning it around.
32. You can also hang wrinkled velvet clothes in a steam room so that it is ironed with its weight.
33. Never fold the velvet when you store it. Instead, carefully wrap it between sheets of butter paper and store it inside boxes.
34. Velvet flattens easily, so never press or rub it. If you stain it, remove moisture, and if you leave a stain, to follow the cleaning instructions.
35. Don’t be afraid to use a lint remover to remove dust, lint, and fibers from velvet garments to keep them in perfect condition.

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