How to wash a tie

How to Wash a Tie and Iron It Perfectly

Ties are the most critical piece or accessory for a man when he wears a beautiful formal dress or merely an elegant jacket. The link must always be perfect and in order, but it also needs to be washed and ironed to look beautiful, perhaps on a white shirt. Therefore, being a delicate garment, it requires careful and particular cleaning. Just think of those silk ties that are so extraordinarily showy and expensive, so much so that usually they don’t even have to be soaked in water, but you prefer to take them to the laundry, and strictly reading the label on the back of the boss himself. At this point let’s look at how to iron this important accessory and then How to wash a tie.

How to wash a tie and iron it perfectly?

You will need Ties, water, soap, iron, cotton cloth, coat hanger.

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Wash the fabric ties

If the tie to be washed is made of rather heavy fabric, a gentle wash can be risked in a basin of water with loose and the neutral soap. Soak the tie for a 30-minute soak and then rinse in another basin of clean water. If the tie is still not spotless, repeat the rinsing and at the end do not squeeze it to remove the excess water, but hang it still dripping, for example, on a hanger. Next, place it in the tub to leave it to dry without ever bending it.

How to wash a tie

Clean silk ties

As for silk ties, washing is even more delicate and needs a lot of attention. In fact, in this case, Marsiglia soap should be used to moisten with water. Then pass a hand over the soap and gently wash the silk tie. A little foam could be formed which should be removed with a damp cloth. You should never rinse under running water because the garment could get damaged, but start drying immediately in the shade by placing the tie in an orderly manner. Or wash it with dry products or directly opt for a good laundry.

Iron ties

After the complete drying of the fabric tie, we proceed to the ironing that must be performed at low temperature and passing the iron gently. It is advisable not to iron the corners of the tie so as not to ruin its shape, at the limit you can use the steam of the iron on the supporting parts of the same without touching it. The same procedure applies to silk ties, with the difference that when the iron is supported it is good to place a clean linen or cotton cloth.

It is advisable not to use too much soap when washing the tie to avoid staining it.

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