cleaning out closet tips

5 Cleaning Out Closet Tips You Hadn’t Heard Before

The change of season is the ideal time to make an order and clean in our closet. Commonly, we accumulate clothes that we have not worn for months and we do not realize. To avoid this excess, we leave you five cleaning out closet tips that will help you. Surely you’ve never heard them before!

5 cleaning out closet tips

To clean any closet in our house, just follow a few simple steps and a little order.

1. Test with the tape method

Tie a ribbon on the bar of your closet, right next to all your clothes hangers. As you take out a garment to wear, then place it on the other side of the tape. After 2 or 3 months, you will be able to recognize the objects that you do not use. It has not moved to the other side of the tape what you should give away.

An additional tip: Group the garments between them, that is the jackets together, dresses together, etc. This will help you maintain order.

cleaning out closet tips

2. Try the “out of sight, out of mind” method

If you have certain items that you know you never use but don’t dare to give them away, try putting them in a bag and store them on top of your closet. If after a month you understand that you need any of them, rescue it, the rest you can already give them away.

3. Maximum number of hooks method

This may be a bit more aggressive or radical, but it is very effective if you need a closet cleaning. Stick to a maximum number of hooks that you can have in your closet. When the clothes no longer fit in them, it’s time to clean your closet.

4. Label method

The truth is that we all love that kind of ritual of taking out the labels on the clothes we buy after a day of shopping. This method is about holding on and not taking them out until you wear the clothes. If several months have passed and you see that the label is still on, everything seems to indicate that you will never wear that garment, so giving it away is a good alternative.

5. Method “one enters and other leaves”

As the name says, this method is that once you add a new garment to your closet, you must give away an old one. If you buy a new pair of pants, before hanging it, worry about taking out an old one. This way, you will never have more things than you really need and that your closet can hold.

Ordering time

cleaning out closet tips

Now, it’s time to refill the closet. It is advisable to select the contents of the closet at least once a year. It only takes a few minutes and you will have a perfectly tidy closet where you will find what you need in the blink of an eye.

It’s simple if you do it by following these four steps:

1. Organize the contents of the cabinet in piles. One battery is intended for charities, another for washing and the third for re-storage.

2. Select the pile of clothes you have decided to store. Put clothes out of season in storage boxes under the bed or in moisture and dustproof bags.

3. Hang clothes on hangers. If you use wire hangers, the clothes will deform. Opt for wooden, plastic, or padded ones and use specific hangers for pants and skirts.

4. When replacing the clothes in the closet, put the same type together and you’ll find them faster — group jackets, pants, suits, skirts, dresses, blouses and shirts.

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