How to Hem a Dress at Home Without Mistakes

A well-made dress is always accompanied by well-made finishes, created by careful and precise people who pay attention to every detail. The edges always represent one of the most prestigious points for a dress. However, we often find unstitched or ruined edges that it would be good to repair to give the item of clothing a better look. In the following guide, we will see how to hem a garment without sewing, through a few simple steps on how to hem a dress. Let’s work.

How to hem a dress?

It may happen that the sewing machine does not work or, if you are on vacation, that there is no possibility of using a needle and thread. In these circumstances, knowing how to adjust a hem by hand is an unparalleled quality: it won’t be difficult once you understand how to do it. IS? It is possible to shorten the trousers without cutting and without sewing simply by putting an elastic band inside the hem of the trousers.

how to hem a dress

Measure the hem

Using a tape measure, take the distance of the edge from the floor, mark the length with chalk or pins and cut the fabric to the appropriate length under the mark of the plaster or the line of the pins. There must be enough space to fold the hem, but too much fabric would make it look heavy.

Alternatively, after measuring it, stretch the width of the hem you want to obtain. If you do not have the possibility of using chalk or pins, this is a valid alternative that can perfectly outline the edge, allowing you to follow the line easily. To determine the length of the hem, it is recommended to wear the shoes chosen for that particular garment, which will ensure greater accuracy in the final result.

With a pair of scissors, open one of the two internal side seams of the hem and with a safety pin, insert a piece of elastic inside the hem. It must be a few centimeters longer than the turn of the ankle. The elastic should be made to pass through the hem making the whole round until it comes out of the same opening and then fixed with the other end.

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Stop the ends of the elastic with pins

You can give a couple of staples with the stapler; or, if the hem has enough space, make a tight knot. Once the elastic is stopped, widen the hem with your hands and the elastic will fall back inside.

This system with the elastic is useful and convenient for shortening tracksuits, pajamas and very light summer trousers. Thanks to this system, is it possible to buy pants? To grow? and exploit them for as long as possible. In fact, just remove the elastic and the trousers stretch out at will.

It is not suitable for classic trousers, for men or heavy fabrics; in fact, to shorten this type of pants, it is necessary to use the sewing machine and make the classic hem. Alternatively, the hem made with adhesive tape is fine, even if it is not the best and it is recommended to use it only in cases of emergency or if you are in a hurry.

Edging a garment without necessarily having to sew is not a difficult job and does not require too much time, but it is a job that must be done only in case of extreme urgency. In fact, soon, the defects could be noticed at the expense of your image. It is therefore good to proceed to sew the hem conventionally as soon as possible and as soon as possible.

I wish you all the best. Until next time.

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