What Kind Of Clothes Fit A Large Figure?

What Kind Of Clothes Fit A Large Figure?

Lush forms can be a real weapon in the hands of skilled stylists, an attractive “highlight” and a bright accent of the image, the main thing is to choose the right clothes. It’s time to put aside the embarrassment and stop wrap up in cozy, but incredibly boring dark-skinned overalls – today we will tell you how you can skillfully disguise a couple extra pounds with the help of stylish sets, turning fullness into dignity!

What Kind Of Clothes Fit A Large Figure?

Wardrobe for women with elegant forms: the general rules

Fashion houses mainly produce stylish, spectacular and at the same time practical clothes for girls with a standard slim figure, and the lineup often ends in the size of 48-50. However, some modern manufacturers take into account the needs and complete women, but the range of such outfits is much more modest, and choosing what will allow you to appear in a winning perspective is not as easy as it may seem. What to wear full women to work, walk or social events? Our tips will help to create a spectacular capsule wardrobe for all occasions.

Down with the dullness and gloom!

Of course, dark shades are visually slim, but you can’t always wear black, gray and dark blue. An alternative to the annoying classics can be ultra-fashionable motley outfits that hide extra kilos, mask relief defects and turn fat women into cute and extravagant ladies.

When choosing between numerous varieties of variegated colors, it is better to dwell on smaller drawings — black and white cells, geometric shapes, intricate patterns, etc. Such ornaments distract attention from the outline of the silhouette, making the figure more “vague” and fuzzy, which means that they allow you to look slimmer and neater. Long dresses in the floor and short mini, strict pencil skirts and perky tutus, classic blouses and very fashionable hoodie – in motley colors, full women will suit absolutely everything!

What Kind Of Clothes Fit A Large Figure?

Horizontal stripes magic

The effect of a horizontally striped outfit is almost magical: brightly defined lines draw a figure, balance proportions and allow full women to look at least 10 kg slimmer. At the same time, the width and saturation of the picture do not matter – equally appropriate and advantageous in the wardrobe of overweight women will look clothes in a large contrasting band, and in small, barely noticeable “scar”.

For women with broad shoulders, full arms and a chic bust, a horizontal strip blouse will add fragility and lightness. Hide loose hips will help loose striped pants and skirts to the floor. And in order to visually make the waist more thinly, you need to choose an effectively draped sweater with diagonal stripes.

What Kind Of Clothes Fit A Large Figure?

Light shades can also be winning.

The fact that light clothing is fattening is a fairly common misconception, though not entirely unfounded. Pastel gamut can really add a few centimeters in volume, but only if the surface of the fabric has a distinct glossy shine.

Solar play and mother-of-pearl really accentuate attention to the fullness and imperfect forms, but dull, powdery tones have exactly the opposite effect. This means that full women cannot wear light clothes made of satin, crepe georgette and other materials with a characteristic gloss, but products made from matte and textured fabrics – plenty.

What Kind Of Clothes Fit A Large Figure?

Light drape materials

Very stylish and appropriate, especially on the eve of the summer season, looks like overweight women in loose air of free cut from weightless, like gossamer, fabrics. Blouses and oversize dresses, made of crepe de chine, chiffon, silk, will help to hide the imperfect tummy, mask wide hips and full breasts.

In this case, effective draping and multi-layering will not increase the volume, so loose clothing made of lightweight fabric can be worn as a separate set or combined with other elements of clothing. An extended shirt blouse will add leggings of a contrasting color or trendy skinny, wide summer pants will be in harmony with fitted jackets and cropped tops, and a chiffon dress of a free fit will be an ideal option both in itself and in combination with jeans and a bolero.

What Kind Of Clothes Fit A Large Figure?


Texture makes wonders

When choosing clothes, pay attention not only to shade but also to the texture of fabrics. Thin, shapeless knitwear will only emphasize the existing cellulite and another uneven terrain, all the existing shortcomings. Give preference to more dense materials that keep their shape well and can “draw” the silhouette outline.

What Kind Of Clothes Fit A Large Figure?

Harmonious sets for fat ladies

Having understood what things should be worn for girls with XXL parameters, one should also pay attention to the right combination of them. To do this, it is necessary to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the figure and correctly place accents in the right places.

Women with a rectangular silhouette, as a rule, suffer because of their low waist. In this case, you should definitely emphasize it by choosing fitted models of jackets, jackets, and coats. However, the classic oversight will be quite appropriate, but it is worth shading loose sweaters and dresses with a stylish strap, which will create the necessary proportions.

What Kind Of Clothes Fit A Large Figure?

If the problem area is the neck and chest, pay attention to the shape of the cut-out blouse. The deeper triangular neckline will distract attention from the unformed neck, and noticeable pendants and pendants on a long chain, mysteriously descending into the hollow near the chest, emphasize a chic bust.

What Kind Of Clothes Fit A Large Figure?

To hide wide hips will help elongated capes, jackets, and vests of dark color, put on unbuttoned. Contrasting floors will mask the sides, making the silhouette visually slimmer and neater. A similar effect is endowed with wide skirts made of thick fabric – folds of fabric will hide the extra volume of the hips and emphasize the harmony of the legs.

What Kind Of Clothes Fit A Large Figure?

Knowing how to choose the right clothes and what to wear with one or another element of the wardrobe, you can easily turn into a spectacular lady, regardless of the number of extra pounds. A selection of photos and recommendations given in the article will help to create a harmonious set for full ladies, and a flourishing appearance will relieve from complexes of relatively imperfect forms. Love your body as it is because you can be beautiful in any size!

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