How to wear a black skirt so that your look is not boring

Transform this garment into your wardrobe with the street style tricks that we have learned from the influencers and celebrities who capture the most flashes, and give it a new life.

Who doesn’t have one (or a few) black skirts in the closet? There are all the imaginable types but all of them can be combined in unexpected and very flattering ways to create looks that do not have anything boring. We have looked at how those who know the most about street style, influencers, and celebrities wear them, and we have several solutions that surely you had not thought of but you will put into practice from tomorrow. Take note of these great ideas.

How to wear a black skirt: with a black shirt

But not in a total look key because this black shirt has details that make it special such as the neck in a nude tone, the maxi buttons, or the white cuffs. Combine it with accessories also in nude or camel.

How to wear a black skirt: with a sweatshirt

Uncommon blends are the best (in order, of course) so we loved the idea of ​​wearing a skirt as sophisticated as this tweed mini with an oversized sweatshirt.

How to wear a black skirt: with a black blazer

The classic skirt and jacket suit has nothing to do with what you used to wear a few years ago. Put on your black mini and combine it with an oversized blazer that covers it almost completely as Caroline Daur does. If you also wear it with a camel shirt instead of a black one, you will have a much more modern look.

How to wear a black skirt: with sailor stripes

They are two garments that marry perfectly, the black skirt and the sailor striped top, but we don’t put them together enough. Do like Maria and add some accessories in neutral tones to achieve a minimalist and elegant look.

How to wear a black skirt: with a white blouse

It’s the most obvious solution, okay, but it all depends on the type of blouse you choose. Blouses with puff sleeves are popular this season so it can be a great way to give a new look to that black pencil skirt that you are already bored of wearing. In addition, if instead of combining it with classic black pumps, you resort to metallic sandals, you will achieve the most current effect.

How to wear a black skirt: with a jacket

We have been fascinated by this mixture because it is beautiful. Choose a high-waisted black skirt and take it to new terrain by combining it with a cropped jacket. This one has white stitching so you can add an unexpected new element to the equation in the form of white salons. They look good even with stockings!

How to wear a black skirt: with a tweed jacket

Another classic mix that acquires a new dimension thanks, first of all, to the oversized silhouette of the jacket, since the whole outfit is accompanied by military boots. The logical thing, or rather the usual thing, would have been to wear the look with black pumps or ballerinas but that way it is much more current.

How to wear a black skirt: with patterned stockings

It is a very youthful look, first because the black skirt is mini and denim and then because it has been mixed with heart stockings and military boots. To give it some seriousness, a turtleneck sweater, and a masculine coat. Everything in black, of course.

How to wear a black skirt: with animal print

The animal print, especially the snake print, is the absolute star of autumn and black, how could it be otherwise, one of his best friends, although he has more. For this reason, black skirts and high snake print boots go well together.

How to wear a black skirt: with sneakers

Sports fashion is still very topical. Why not leave your heels at home and put on your black skirt (in this case made of leather) with some sneakers? The look is ideal and they do not have any complications.

How to wear a black skirt: with cool accessories

Your look with a black skirt can be as classic as you want as long as you add a few accessories that attract attention. Sara Escudero gets a great look thanks to her red bag and her houndstooth kitten heels.

How to wear a black skirt: with a lingerie top

Solutions such as the sweatshirt are useful for the day, but what about the night? Well, nothing like mixing your favorite black skirt with a lingerie top, black, or the color you prefer. Here we do recommend that you leave your shoes in the background and choose sandals or black pumps.

How to wear a black skirt: with pink shoes

Black skirt, white shirt, perfect leather, and pink satin shoes! Without them, the look would have been too strong but the salons add a sweet and naive touch that is irresistible.

How to wear a black skirt: with organza blouse

We loved this look from Elle Fanning because it is very much in line with the trends of the season. Organza blouses and shirts, with transparencies, embroidery, and applications are one of the star garments. She has combined it with the ’50s flared skirt and the result couldn’t be more ladylike.

How to wear a black skirt: with a leather jacket

Although if what you are looking for is to create contrast with tulle or flared skirt and black, nothing like resorting to a leather jacket. Add striking details to the look even if they are also black, such as sandals with applications or a bag with an original shape.

How to wear a black skirt: with a cropped top

If your skirt is high-waisted, do not cut yourself and wear it with a crop top, like the singer Ciara. She also introduces another element in a sporty way and wears sneakers instead of pumps or boots.

How to wear a black skirt: with a minimalist top

What do we do with a long black beaded skirt like the one Verónica Echegui is wearing? Well, recognize that it is the absolute protagonist of the look and choose a minimalist style for the rest of the look.

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