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Mall review: what trends are in stores this season

When the seasons change, so do the trends, and the easiest way to spot the new trends of this season is to take a trip to the closest mall and see what the big stores are selling. But if you don’t want to bother walking there, this article is perfect for you. We have put together a couple of trends that are taking up all the popular shops in the mall and we are presenting them to you in this article. We focused on the items that have recently gained more popularity and are the perfect accent pieces to any outfit for this season. Read along and decide if you’ll end up at the mall, or online shopping. Check out the H&M Trend Edit as well, for a more in depth look at these trends.

Puffer jackets

This trend started with the big brands and slowly made its way into all the fashion stores that we know. Puffers are super warm jackets made out of a quilted material filled with feathers that have a chunky look. They gained popularity in the past 2-3 years and have been all over the fashion industry ever since. These jackets are amazing at keeping you warm and they go perfectly with any street style outfit. Combining this type of jacket with dresses and high heels makes the perfect bold outfit that is sure to turn all the heads. The practicality of this piece makes us believe that they will stay trendy for a long time and continue to become more and more popular.

Cable Knits

Whether we are talking about jumpers, cardigans or super soft woolen sweaters, the cable knit patterns are everywhere this season. This one is a very recent trend that took over the stores this year and their popularity is increasing rapidly. Cable knits are comfortable, super stylish and will definitely offer the warmth you need this season. We suggest you go and get yourself one of these and see how wonderful it is. If you don’t want to take the trip to the mall, get yourself a unique cable knit cardigan here: and make sure you add it to your most comfortable outfits. They look great with both casual and elegant outfits, as they have beautiful details that elevate any look.

Bold trousers

The last suggestion is for the bolder people who would like to stay trendy while catching everyone’s eyes. The bold trousers that you can see everywhere are mostly leather, sequence or all sorts of colored flared bottoms that are gaining popularity right now. These items are not for everyone, but styling them with some neutral pieces might make the outfit more wearable. These trousers are perfect for eccentric events, fashion shows or even for day to day wear if you are that bold.

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