Things every man should have in their wardrobe this winter

With long cold nights and short and chilly days, winter is the season when what you wear matters the most. Whether you’re interested in fashion and are looking for new ideas for your wardrobe or you’re someone who doesn’t really care what he dresses up in, there are a few staples that everyone should have in their winter closet.

The Perfect Hat

We all know that sometimes men like to act tough and often refuse to wear a hat even during the coldest winter months. This can be easily changed if you find a hat that matches your fashion taste perfectly so that you stay warm without sacrificing your style. In case you’re looking for something as basic as possible that will go well with almost any of your outfits, a gray beanie hat is the go-to option. It can easily be worn with a suit and an overcoat if you want to dress down your ensemble and make it more casual or it can be paired with a classic jeans and sweater combo for a relaxed look that will protect you from the cold.

The Unique Sweater

It goes without saying that a warm woolen sweater is a must in any gentleman’s winter wardrobe and many of you probably already own one, so today we’re going to talk about a more interesting piece, the fisherman sweater, probably the most popular part of the Celtic clothing. This garment is different from other sweaters thanks to its unique Aran patterns and stitches that will make any outfit look more elegant and put together. If you don’t know which one to get, a classic white crew neck sweater is the easiest one to style and wear, but if you already have this one, there are plenty of other Celtic attire to choose from that will keep you toasty this winter and make you stand out of the crowd.

The Warm Socks

For someone it might seem strange to put socks in a list of winter essentials, but you’d be surprised to find out how many men are still wearing cotton socks and freezing their feet off every season. A pair of fluffy woolen socks will protect you from any weather and depending on their color and design they can dress any outfit up or down. For strict office looks, some neutral gray or black socks will be the best option, while a red or violet pair will add the perfect pop of color to an informal outfit.

The Wool Overcoat

The ultimate winter essential, the wool overcoat is a pricey investment that one makes into his wardrobe for many years to come. Apart from the thick wool that keeps you warm even during the harshest winds and snows, such a coat also creates a flattering tailored look and can immediately elevate any outfit regardless of how basic it might seem. These garments come in multiple colors and designs, the most popular ones being dark knee-long coats and shorter camel ones. If you want to make your coat appear more interesting without spending too much money, watch out for distinctive details like wooden buttons.

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