Fashion in news and its impact

This week, many news viewers made comments on their social media accounts about the news reporters they have been watching. News reporters are often put in outfits created using professional clothing items and subtle colours. Mens designer jackets are also options for news reporters if no obvious logos are on show. EJ Menswear is a perfect example of a company that provides journalists with beautiful options. The viewers writing comments on the internet however, seemed displeased at a very small proportion of news reporters who have gone with bolder and daring shirt patterns while presenting serious current affairs. These included both national and international developments of serious circumstances.

Some of the complaints and criticism thrown at the news reporters come from more conservative viewers who want clothing choices to be more demure and match the tone of the conversations and reports presented. This can be understandable and explains the neutral palettes most journalists present themselves in especially when educating the population on advancements of serious matters such as court cases, elections, and tension between nations. Navy, white and brown are very popular colour options when reporters are purchasing outfits for their reports and interviews. Pencil skirts and dresses are a couple of additional options female reporters have in addition to suits. Jewellery options are usually limited and often in a minimalistic style. Gold and silver tones are the most common and add nice finishing touches.

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