Blue jean jacket: how to wear it with style

Some advice about the blue jean jacket. I thought I’d offer you a post with some advice on how to combine it with style in a casual and simple way.

Blue jean jacket, how to wear it with style: with the skirtBlue jean jacket

With a pleated skirt, both long, midi, and short, it is perfect. My suggestion, especially if you are an hourglass or pear-shaped body, is to choose it short at the waist, in order to highlight the waistline.

Blue jean jacket: how to wear it with style: premise

The blue jean jacket is a bit like the blue jean shirt, or the leather biker jacket: one of those essential items, especially during mid-season, when you need a passe-partout to put on the shoulders. Furthermore, the fact that it is in denim, which is a non-color, makes it really combinable with everything (according to the rule of three colors, so in an outfit it is good not to put more than three colors and blue jean is not counted in the total ).

Blue jean jacket: how to wear it with style

I find it super versatile and very comfortable. I have one that is almost twenty years old and that is still perfect, as well as an oversize model from when I was a child and which I now wear short and with three-quarter sleeves, waiting for Amelia to wear it.

Blue jean jacket: how to wear it with style: with pantsBlue jean jacket

Whether the trousers are slim, skinny, or palazzo, if you want a casual and sporty look, the blue jean jacket is ideal. As for the length to be adopted, adjust according to your strengths and weaknesses, and then referring to the various body shapes. For example, if you have a rectangle or apple body, you can wear it open and long up to the hips, if instead, you are in an inverted triangle, pear or hourglass, better reach the waist.

Blue jean jacket: how to wear it with style: with jeansBlue jean jacket

Denim with denim, for a super casual look for me, is a yes. Different shades of color are also fine, so dark jeans for example, and a light jacket, but I would avoid mixing colored washes. For example, if the jeans have a wash that turns towards yellow (such as those washed with tea), it is better to avoid a light blue, but prefer a similar wash.

Blue jean jacket: how to wear it with style: tied at the waistBlue jean jacket

If you want to hide the B side, tying the jacket at the waist is the ideal solution! But in general, it is a very informal way to wear it, which also helps simply to break a dress that might otherwise be monotonous.

Blue jean jacket: how to wear it with style: oversize

I confess: I like it a lot! It has only one contraindication: to wear it, you must have a lean physique and with clothes underneath that are fit or tight, otherwise bundled up. The extra touch? Roll up your sleeves!

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