How do you combine green skirts

How Do You Combine Green Skirts

The skirt is the female garment par excellence. It is a skirt that highlights the curves without vulgarizing them. But it manages to make every look perfect and super glamorous. This kind of skirt is usually knee-length, or just below, up to the calf. The skirt can be worn for all occasions and is often combined with a clearly sober style. Obviously if combined with the right precautions, it can become a sporty and elegant garment. The only detail that needs to be given some importance is to center the combination of the color of the skirt with the other clothes. In the following guide, I will explain how do you combine green skirts.

How do you combine green skirts?

You will need:

  • White shirt
  • Pink blouse
  • Pearl gray duster
  • Black ankle boots
  • Light pink top
  • Short sweater
  • Leather sandals
  • Metallic strap
  • T-shirt with wide neckline
  • Bag with shoulder strap
  • Mask glasses
  • High boots with print

How do you combine green skirts

Pair with a white shirt

To create a perfect match with a green skirt, it is necessary to understand which garments match this kind of skirt. The latter must also choose them based on your physique. The ideal match is to wear a long white shirt with embroidery applications. Or if you prefer to highlight the waist and hips, put on a shaped shirt with a classic cut. Finally, complete the mix with heart-shaped pendant earrings.

Wear with an oversized blouse

The latest trends want a high-waisted skirt, classic, but with a slit behind. This can be combined with an oversized blouse, large, elegant and pastel colors. It will also look perfect if curled at the waist and with three-quarter sleeves. To give more character to the look, choose pointed ankle boots with a thin heel. While accessories focus on geometric shapes, softened with delicate and romantic lines. Excellent mix, which sees a maxi bag with double handles. Finally, wear earrings with floral motifs.

Pair with a gray duster

What better thing to combine with a green skirt? A minimal but chic look, wearing an unlined gray duster with a waist belt. By choosing a delicate tint and a light fabric with essential workmanship. So preferable simple, without embroidery, designs, lines and prints. An apparently delicate garment, which instead proves to be the perfect basis for building a decidedly refined style.

Wear it with a military green jacket

An alternative to all possible combinations is to wear the skirt with a military green jacket. Obviously it is essential to choose the same color for the skirt. The latter will soften the details, creating a trendy and original look. The jacket can be chosen long and upright with pockets. Or with a collar and metal buttons. The latter will further embellish the green skirt. While over the skirt, wear a shirt with a ribbon or a tie. Complete everything with velvet brogues.

To complete the outfit you can wear straps over the sweaters and shirts. To create a cool rook look, choose a green semi-leather skirt with a long metallic zipper on one side.

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