Modern Classics - The Best Style For Women In 40-50 Years

Modern Classics – The Best Style For Women In 40-50 Years

Many adult women are wondering: is there a universal style that will suit everyone and that will be appropriate in any case? Of course! Modern classics – this is a reality for those who want to look stylish, feminine and at the same time elegant. Make wardrobe of these things is very simple: suitable models can be found in any fashion designer. We will tell you what a fashionable modern classic is and how to wear it to women in 40 – 50 years.Modern Classics - The Best Style For Women In 40-50 Years

How to make a good wardrobe

Modern classics in clothing – the concept of eclectic. This trendy direction took the best of the popular classical styles: light Italian chic, English restraint, French femininity. We will add topical cuts in 2018, styles and colors – voila, fashionable women are ready for the exit! The main thing here is laconism and a minimum of accessories. It is this condition that makes modern classical style suitable for grown-up ladies: catchy prints, mini skirts and an abundance of ornaments impress young girls, you also face refined bows.

In your wardrobe must be present:

  • trousers – choose from styles of direct cut, with a light A-shaped flare, models with an arrow or more original trousers-bananas are welcomed;
  • a midi – length skirt – stop the choice on the shapes of a pencil, case or tulip, and discard the lush models;
  • blouses and shirts – in your wardrobe there should be a place and light air blouses, and shirts in the manners;
  • dress-case – a universal style, which is suitable for a figure of any type and visually makes it slimmer;
  • overalls of direct cut – give preference to light and natural fabrics, it is necessary to have a thin belt;
  • Jackets, waistcoats, jackets – an excellent option will be solid things from soft materials.

You can dilute your onion and other clothes. For example, shortened trousers or a fitted A-line dress will be very helpful. If it’s hard for you to give up your jeans, then get the models in white, gray or pale blue. Pamper yourself with an elegant tweed suit in the Chanel style: a jacket combined with a straight skirt to the knee will work well for informal sets, and for business bows.

Modern Classics - The Best Style For Women In 40-50 Years

The color palette and preferred prints

To many, the classics may seem gloomy or too strict. All the fault stereotypes, as if the classical style tolerates only the same classic combination of white, gray and black. In fact, the color scheme here is much richer and brighter, and is selected depending on the season:

  • winter – anthracite, dark green, deep blue, black, Marengo, cherry ;
  • spring – smoky blue, ivory, cream, cold shades of pink;
  • summer – sand, cream colors, olive, white, beige, blue, mint;
  • autumn – chocolate, natural shades of brown, green, ocher, burgundy.

From too catchy or acid prints should be discarded. Now in your wardrobe should be dominated restrained geometry: a diverse cell, strip, dot. Avoid floral prints – they can be replaced with lace drapery for evening outings. Suitable and natural patterns that are found on a suit fabric made of wool.

Modern Classics - The Best Style For Women In 40-50 Years

Outerwear: what to choose

The name of the style speaks for itself – choose the classics. Coats, sheepskin coats, trench coats, raincoats, and sheepskin coats are midi or mid-calf. It is desirable that things be straight cut or with an underlined waist. Feel free to use belts without decor, which can be represented simply as a girdle of the same material in tone, or a strap with a laconic buckle. Refuse the abundance of fur or a long nap on fur coats. If you still want to wear something fluffy, then limit yourself to a fluffy collar. In other cases – sheared fur, soft tissues, skin.

Modern Classics - The Best Style For Women In 40-50 Years

Required accessories

Accessories are used in the minimum amount. For everyday and business bows, be sure to wear a watch, of course, not electronic. Hats are welcome, both the classical model of the Fedor and the more dramatic wide-brimmed. In windy weather, you can remove hair under a monophonic shawl if you have a similar accessory to your face. In the 50’s and 40’s, artificial stones or inexpensive costume jewelry is no longer relevant – wear jewelry.

Handbags should be functional and roomy and also fit the case. At work suits, and for the evening set – clutch, moodier. Try to choose models that look outwardly neatly, have a strong frame and keep the shape.

Modern Classics - The Best Style For Women In 40-50 Years

Shoes for every occasion

Take an example with Italians – they value comfort above all. For every day and for daytime exits, they use laconical shoes without lifting, and only for evening parties shoe shoes with heels. There should be a place in your arsenal:

  • ballet;
  • Czechs;
  • boats;
  • shoe-glasses;
  • succinct boots;
  • half-boots.

Modern classic allows you to use shoes of bright colors to place accents in a monologue. For example, with a gray suit in a black cage will look great burgundy shoes. And the evening lace dress, on the contrary, looks better with flesh-colored boats. It is advisable that the shoes you have chosen have a closed toe.

Simplicity, elegance, and refinement

Dresses for women over 40 can be playful, and strict, and aristocratic negligent – this kind of freedom of action will give you a modern classic style. Note that all things for this fashion direction are perfectly combined. You can invent new bows at least every day! Restrained color palette, minimum of accessories and universal styles are what a mature lady needs.

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