How to dress

How to dress to go to the theater: perfect and stylish. When we have to go to an event or special place we have the doubt of how to get the outfit to go well dressed, and fashionable. This is something that can happen when you go to the theater but … Do not worry! It is not a difficult question to solve. Before going to the theater was unusual and was very linked to high society, so people chose to fix a lot. But, for some years, go to the theater is very common. It has become a leisure option to share with family and friends and even business events, so it is not necessary to go to the gala.

How to dress

But there are always exceptions because it is not the same as attending a work of theater with children, a Sunday, at midnight; to go to a play with friends or your partner, on a Saturday, at ten o’clock at night. And it is not the same to attend a work programmed on the poster, then to an opera premiere, for example. How to dress to go to the theater? We give you the ideas you need with clothes that, sure, you will have in your closet.

What do I wear to go to the theater?

  1. The outfit to go to a children’s theater

When you attend children’s performances you should go as comfortable as possible. Some jeans and a sweater or shirt with comfortable shoes is the best option to move with your kids. In these cases, there is no protocol or label and you can go to the theater in flat boots or sandals, or even with sneakers, especially if the work is in the morning or early afternoon, as often happens. your most comfortable jeans, a basic, sneakers and a coat that gives the chic touch to the casual look. It is one of the best tips todress to go to the theater.

  1. Looks for formal theater premieres

When it comes to a formal premiere and at night you should go with a ‘label’, such as for a premiere at the opera. Even you should go long if the invitation or entry is recorded for reasons of protocol. Otherwise, the most appropriate option will be the dress below the knee or monochromatic pieces with a special top and/or skirt. To hit one hundred percent, we recommend that you choose a black outfit-provided the event is at night. She gives the touch with spectacular jewel earrings. Of course, do not go over the excess brilli brilli. With a detail will suffice.

  1. Styling to go to the theater with a couple or friends

If you go to the theater with your partner or your friends, the most common doubt arises when we choose a poster to attend the theater as part of leisure with ours, a plan that is usually combined with dinner before or after. As this plan is usually for late-night, we recommend that you go as comfortable as you can and as you wish, because there is no protocol in this regard. However, we give you some ideas to choose your ideal look to go to the theater.It is one of the best tips todress to go to the theater.

4 ideal looks to go to the theater

If it is a play that does not require any protocol, we recommend that you choose an ideal look with which you feel comfortable and waste style. With which of these four outfits do you stay?It is one of the best tips todress to go to the theater.

1 Everything to black

Black is the color that denotes the most elegance. You can go with a skirt, sweater, and booties; with a black dress and ballet flats or with dress pants, a special lace blouse and stilettos. You will be comfortable for later plans and very elegant.It is one of the best tips todress to go to the theater.

  1. midi cut dress

Another option is to choose a romantic midi dress, accompanied by a teddy coat and a booty. The midi dresses are much more comfortable than the short ones, something that will make you sit down so you do not have to worry about crossing legs or tilting them to avoid undesirable visualizations … In addition, the midi cut is very elegant and you can combine it with any type of footwear, like shoe, booty, high-top boot …

  1. Two-piece suit

The tailored suit always a comfortable and elegant garment, either in its classic version or the pijamera. Combine with heel shoe or booty and with a clutch. You will be very chic.It is one of the best tips todress to go to the theater.

  1. Tube skirt

If you are tall, the tube or pencil skirt will feel great. Combine it with a stiletto heel and with a sweater, blouse or shirt, depending on whether you want to go more formal or detract from sobriety. Another option to take it seriously is to opt for a leather one, like the one in the image.It is one of the best tips todress to go to the theater. Get more ideas like this- The Style tribune