Fashion Trends: The Art Of Autumn Makeup

Fashion Trends: The Art Of Autumn Makeup.

Makeup, in the modern fashion life of a woman, is perhaps one of the most irreplaceable creations. Rarely some lady, allow her to leave the house, without a carefully invented image. Moreover, makeup may be invisible, but will definitely emphasize facial features. Correctly applied tone and expressive eyebrows immediately enliven the appearance, and skillfully made-up lips will give a special highlight to facial expression.

With the help of this ancient art, it is possible to impart an image to the personality, from gently romantic to brightly defiant. And if our mothers and grandmothers gave expressiveness to the appearance, with tools made literally by hand, then today the vastness of fashionable cosmetic boutiques is overwhelmed with all sorts of make-up tools. So how to understand the immense amount of makeup? And how to get into the trend of the new fashion season? Let’s try to analyze together.

Fashion Trends: The Art Of Autumn Makeup

Every season fashion designers come up with new images in clothes for us, and fashion stylists create make-up that corresponds to the trend of fashion houses. In the 2018-2019 seasons, stage podiums are blinded by shiny and flowing outfits, and stylists emphasize this trend in the use of metallic makeup models. The idea of applying shiny, metallic shadows is not new and not on a casual look, but we are not only visiting the workplace and the house, in the light of spotlights, but such make-up would also be appropriate and effective. Therefore, we take the trend of metallic weapons.

Lips – juicy and natural

Lip makeup in the season 2018-2019 – bright and defiant. Probably, like autumn itself, colorful and colorful. The color palette of autumn days gave us lipstick shades of “ripe plum” and blood red tone. Many fashion houses have demonstrated in their images the trends of fatal beauties. But there is one peculiarity – stylists of models did not use pencils in make-up for lip contouring. Easy negligence or slightly “eaten” lips, is present on the faces of catwalk beauties.

And again, the hit of the season – shine, which skillfully falls right on tinted bright lips. Red lipstick is a favorite shade of many famous women. How can you not remember the chic Coco Chanel, for which red lipstick has become a special means, without which she could not leave the house? And no less famous romantic diva Audrey Hepburn and her quote: “I believe in manicure, in screaming clothes and in the fact that even on vacation you need to do a haircut and make-up tips.” She also adored red lipstick as a means of expressing herself and her mood. Red shades rightfully deserved first place in the 2018-2019 season.

Fashion Trends: The Art Of Autumn Makeup

But fashion designers and stylists have not bypassed nude-style shades. Naturalness and naturalness in make-up, express primarily sensuality and romance. Also in the trend of lip makeup in the style of “ombre”, this application technique requires special skill, but what effect and delight. Summing up the choice of fashionable colors, you can say that if your cosmetics bag will present shades: red, plum, cherry, beige, you are in the trend this season.

Eyebrows from nature

Separately need to say about the eyebrows! Still fashionable naturally thick, but carefully worked eyebrows. Do not neglect this part of your appearance, only eyebrows can say a lot about you or not at all. Untidy brow shape will nullify your carefully thought out image and even if you only have a tone on your face, neat eyebrows will immediately give expressiveness to your appearance – try it yourself.

The color of the eyebrows should be as close as possible to your hair, that is, if you are blonde, eyebrows should not be bright black. Slightly retouch them with a brown pencil. Or contact the salon and professionally paint the eyebrows in the color that suits you.

Waving the eyelashes like butterfly wings

Fluffy and voluminous eyelashes still do not go out of fashion and this is quite logical. Eyelashes flutter like the wings of butterflies – chains and fascinate. The eyes are the mirror of the soul! And surrounded by chic, thick eyelashes – this is a look into the very soul. Do not save on mascara, and you will always be in the image.

Fashion Trends: The Art Of Autumn Makeup

The doll look is still in fashion, and some designers were inspired by the makeup of the 60s and there were silver drops on the eyelashes of the models.

Arrows – the new trend of the season

The arrows, this season, can be varied. Thin and wide, clear and smoky – it all depends on your desire and general attitude. If you are not able to draw thin lines – feel free to shade, a light haze in make-up is always relevant. And in this season deliberate easy carelessness is present not only in clothes. For a leading eye, you can use the shadows – liquid in the form of pencils or dry. The models showed clear colorful arrows at the shows, the lines of which rose higher than the corners of the eyes.

So, summing up the fashion trends, it should be said – be as natural as possible inside, and then any makeup will be a decoration for your image.

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