The Definitive Guide to Maxi, Midi and Mini Dresses

When it comes to dresses, they nearly always fit into one of three categories: mini, midi and maxi. Each dress can come in lots of different styles, and they are all flattering in different ways.

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Make sure you are clued up about each dress style with our definitive guide to maxi, midi and mini dresses.

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The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is the longest dress on this list. They go all the way to the floor, and they are available in a range of different styles and colours. For instance, it is possible to buy floral floaty maxis that have a feminine vibe, as well as skin-tight black maxis that are perfect for a night on the town.

We love this style of dress because it is versatile and flattering – but it is important to be aware that different styles suit different body types. For instance, a maxi dress with horizontal stripes will be slimming, whereas a high-waisted maxi dress can help to add curves.

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The Midi Dress

Midi dresses tend to end just below the knees, and they are also suited to lots of different events. For instance, midi dresses are a popular work outfit for women, but they are also well suited to formal events and date nights. This is because this style of dress is very classy – it doesn’t show too much leg, but it is still feminine and flattering.

Midi dresses can be floaty, but they tend to be more fitted if they are designed for more formal events (such as work events and weddings).

The Mini Dress

The mini dress is definitely the most revealing dress on this list! Most mini dresses end on the thigh, so they show off a lot of leg, but that doesn’t mean that they are always sexy. For instance, there are lots of shift dresses that end at the thigh.

This dress style is best suited to people who like their legs, as it does show them off! However, if you are less confident about your legs, you can still wear a mini dress – just team it with leggings or black tights to make it a little more modest.


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