necklaces for different dress necklines

Combine Necklaces for Different Dress Necklines

A necklace is a perfect complement to complete any look. Thanks to this piece, you can enhance your face and stylize your neck. But, in addition, necklaces allow you to turn a normal outfit into the most sophisticated in the world, you just have to combine it well to achieve it. Next, we explain necklaces for different dress necklines, because the piece you choose will say a lot about you. Diamond pendants, chokers, long chains, maxi necklaces.

Necklaces for different dress necklines

Necklace for a boat neckline

The dresses with a boat neckline are those that are usually above the collarbones, and may or may not leave the shoulders bare, but leave the neck completely clear.

This type of neckline is suggestive and requires a small and simple necklace, which falls a little, to enhance femininity and give a sexy and suggestive touch to the look, while you stylize the neck.

The recommendation is to use colorful necklaces, maxi necklaces or the so-called “statement necklaces”, a type of powerful and short necklace that has very varied designs and colors. These jewels are the best option for this type of necklines.

necklaces for different dress necklines

Necklaces for sptrapless or Bardot neckline

There are many dresses and blouses with strapless or Bardot neck, without straps, very similar to the “word of honor” but characterized by its heart or rounded shape. These types of dresses are the kings of any event and to complete them and endow them with elegance and sophistication, it is recommended to use the choker necklace, a style of choker with a design close to the neck, which stylizes it. Due to the powerful Bardot neckline, the use of this piece is recommended.

Strapless necklines give you a lot of freedom when combining it with different necklace models. From a choker to a striking necklace they can become your perfect ally to crown this neckline. The recommendation is that the jewelry you choose remain on the skin. You will succeed!

Necklaces for round and square necklines

If you want to wear a round neckline, the best option to add a jewel is betting on short necklaces. Thanks to them, you will be able to frame the neckline and the skin. In these cases, choose chokers or short necklaces with decorations that contrast your clothes. It is the perfect alternative to enhance your image.

The same goes for squares. This type of neckline looks much better with small necklaces or chokers that stylize the neck.

Necklaces for V-neckline

The dresses with V-neckline are the most used. This type of garment requires very unique jewelry, such as diamond pendants. The rule is that if a neckline is V-shaped, it is best to use a necklace with a similar shape, although different types of necklaces do well for this type of neckline.

The diamond pendant is the best option since its fall will give sophistication and elegance to any neckline. Simplicity and elegance in a single necklace. You can also choose a long necklace that goes beyond the neckline. With this piece you will be able to stylize your body.

Necklaces for shirt collar

Shirt dresses are becoming more and more fashionable and for them there is also the perfect necklace. The maxi necklaces are the jewels that will go better with this neckline style that will give your outfit a fun and very elegant touch. Look for an extravagant and colorful necklace if the garment is solid.

High neck collars

Another option is that your dress is turtleneck or turtleneck, and although for many it is a strange option, why not combine it with a nice necklace? In these cases, the recommendation is that you wear large and long necklaces if you want to attract attention. You can select designs that harmoniously adjust to the colors of your clothes.

In case you want to add a subtle touch and complement the high neck, you can choose a fine and original choker . Be that as it may, for these types of looks a long necklace is a safe bet.

How to choose the right necklace

Just as a neckline can sit better or worse, a necklace is also subject to combining in a more or less successful way. Although fashion opens up endless possibilities, it is important to follow basic rules to be able to wear this jewel with style.

When choosing a necklace, it is important to carefully analyze both the piece and the garment with which you are going to wear it. The ideal is to complement the look, not overload it, so the tones, shape and even the material will be key to choosing the best necklace for each occasion.

To select a jewel, look at the shape of the garment and its neckline, so you can consider which necklace would be best for you. Below, we summarize the most fashionable neckline styles and those that will be easier to combine with a beautiful necklace, an elegant jewel that will stylize and enhance your beauty, as well as what necklaces to wear for party dresses.

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