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How to Wear Scarf? Follow These 6 Different Styles

When the time comes to wear a scarf, the male population is divided into two: those who simply throw it on themselves, and those who rediscover the art of draping with enthusiasm. A scarf alone can solve autumn look more than any other accessory, giving it volume and color. That’s why it’s worth experimenting with all the possible ways to wear a scarf.

How to wear scarf?

1. Free

The easiest way: resting on the neck so that the fabric falls on both sides of the chest. A solution possible only when it is not very cold, with a nice decorative effect with the most formal looks. If you wear a jacket you can also close the scarf in it, to create an interesting volume. In this way, the tie will be adorned with a scarf, but attention must be paid to the colors.

2. Draped

The draped scarf is easier to obtain with a maxi model, almost a blanket. In this case, you can really indulge yourself. You can simply cover your shoulders as if the scarf were a poncho, or you can pick up a flap and carry it on the opposite shoulder. Draping with a printed scarf is perfect with solid-colored looks, especially if the dominant color of your outfit is dark.

3. Ascot knot

The most classic solution is that of the Ascot. You can tie the scarf like the traditional English scarf, with the fabric that creates a small armor on the throat. The effect is very scenic, it is good for all looks, but perhaps it is more fun to make this knot where it is out of place, like in a casual or sporty outfit.

4. Ring

The most popular way to wear a scarf is this. Just make one or even two turns around the neck, depending on the length of the fabric. It can be done with all types of fabric, although it works more with light fabric scarves. One of the latest trends is to create this knot with coarse knitted maxi scarves. In that case we will call it donut.

5. French knot

Also known as French knot, it is the solution for those who are tired of wearing the scarf like everyone else. The scarf folded on itself and the flap that protrudes on the front create a volume that goes well with elegant looks because it gives a certain dynamism. It has had such success as an alternative choice that today almost everyone carries it like this.

6. Reverse knot

To escape the solution of the alternatives that have en masse married to the Parisian knot, here is the reverse. It is easy to do because you just have to pass the flaps of the scarf one above and the other under the knot of the fabric. The scarf is donut-wrapped, and keeps you warm, the flaps create the play of volumes. Will it be the next mass node in Paris?

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