Five considerations when choosing a new garage door

A garage door offers practical and aesthetic benefits; therefore, choosing the right style and type of door is essential. Here are five important factors you will need to consider.

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When deciding which garage door to buy, the dimensions of the door space will be an important concern. Whether you are using an existing space or building a garage from scratch, getting expert help from a garage door fitter can ensure your measurements are accurate.


Decide which material to choose for your garage door based on where you live, how much you have to spend, and how you intend to use the garage. Corrosion-resistant materials suit coastal locations, while exposed, windy areas demand garage doors with good insulation, such as sectional doors. According to DIY Doctor there are four materials used in the manufacture of most garage doors: steel, timber, aluminium and glass-reinforced polyester.

Colour and style

A garage door takes up a lot of space and its prominence means you should spend time making sure you choose the colour and style that shows it off to the best effect. Many people take inspiration from elements of the outside of their home, such as the front door or the framework, to decide what colour or style of garage door to select.

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Use of garage

What you primarily use your garage for should dictate the type of door that best meets your requirements. Up and over garage doors are the most popular type, as they are practical and cost effective. Sectional garage doors may be preferable if you have a short driveway, or you require insulation in the garage. For space-saving homes, roller doors are a good choice, while side hinged doors allow easy access. Whether you choose up and over garage doors, sectional, roller or side hinged types, always purchase from a reputable supplier, such as this garage doors Bristol based company to ensure quality and durability.


Garages are prone to getting burgled, making security an important consideration when choosing a garage door – especially if you intend to store valuable items inside. Modern electric doors are very secure and include built-in anti-burglar features. They also offer great convenience without any physical lifting required. Electric doors can be operated with a remote control that detects a sensor on the door or by using a pin-code keypad.

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