How to iron a pleated skirt

How to Iron a Pleated Skirt Using Pins and Darts

Pleated skirts are one of the most trending pieces of clothing worldwide. Both for a casual meeting and for a more important event, the pleated skirt is a comfortable and elegant item of clothing that can be combined in many different ways.

But ironing a pleated skirt is more complicated than it seems, since it is carried out in one way or another depending on the materials with which the skirt has been made; It is a unique process that must be done correctly to avoid damaging the characteristic folds of the garment.

Before ironing or storing your skirt, we recommend observing its label, as some of these garments should never be ironed due to their polyester finishes. In case the label of your pleated skirt indicates this, we recommend the use of vaporizers. Do you want more information on how to iron a pleated skirt?

How to iron a pleated skirt

How to iron a pleated skirt?

Before ironing your board skirt, it is important to take the precaution of basting all its pleats so that they do not move. The basting stitching in question should be placed before the waistband and at the bottom of the skirt so as not to damage it.

With this basting you can work more comfortably when ironing the piece, so if you are wondering how to iron a pleated skirt with basting, follow these steps:

  • Lay the skirt with the basting on top of the ironing board. Position the waist at the slimmer end of the board to facilitate the process.
  • Before proceeding with the ironing, check that the appliance is at the required temperature according to the fabric of the skirt, otherwise you could burn your garment.
  • When ironing, be sure to always respect the creases; iron them from top to bottom and in the same way. Rotate the skirt until it is completely smooth.
  • As you iron each fold, pull on it to keep it smooth.
  • Finally, hang the skirt on a hook and let it rest so that you can store it correctly later.

Iron a pleated skirt with pins

Before ironing your plank skirt, and in case it is very wrinkled, you can also place pins at the end of each fold. With this you will achieve that the folds separate more easily and that the ironing is better.

  • Once you have all the tables separate, you must proceed to moisten the garment with its respective ironing water.
  • As you iron, put a little steam on each fold and wait for each to dry before moving on to the next, as this will ensure that the boards do not wrinkle again.
  • When smoothing the skirt, you should do it gently and with the tip of the iron, always being careful not to hit the pins.
  • It is important to mark each of the folds with the pins and iron on them, since ironing on a fold that is not fixed could deform it or even eliminate it. To guarantee the success of this procedure, we recommend you to iron with patience, especially if the folds are very thin.

Iron a pleated skirt using darts

Another way to iron the pleated skirt easily is by putting clothespins, clothes hooks clicks or bobby pins under each pleat. The objective? Very simple, hold each fold in place so they cannot move during ironing.

  • When all the pleats are set, you can iron your skirt from top to bottom, always starting from the waistband.
  • In this sense, do not hold the boards with plastic clips, as these could melt in the heat.
  • If you use metal clips, make sure you are not in contact with them when ironing. Otherwise you could damage the garment.

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