10 Trends you’ll want to Wear This Summer 2018

10 Trends you’ll want to Wear This Summer 2018

Spring is going out, so in dress24h.com we want to show you 10 trends that you will want to wear this summer 2018. This way you will update yourself regarding clothes, colors, and styles for this warm season. Keep reading and learn more about summer fashion this year.

10 trends you’ll want to wear this summer 2018

Summer fashion is based on more than just colors and shapes. You should also ensure your comfort since high temperatures make it annoying to load several garments. Comfort will be one of the main features in most designs.

Stripes: they never go out of style

In this summer 2018, the stripes return to command the tendencies. The classic stripe knit shirt reappeared on the catwalks accompanied by high cut shorts, very much in the style of the 80s. It should be noted that this time has reached us for a couple of years, in terms of fashion.10 Trends youll want to Wear This Summer 2018

The stripes invaded shirts, pants, kimonos, panties, dresses, and bikinis for this season. They are in different arrangements, thicknesses, and colors. Remember that if you want to look more stylized, it is convenient to carry them vertically. Also, do not worry about combining. There are garments that serve for the office look and other pretty shirts.

The fanny packs are back

The fanny packs are a useful and practical accessory. For this time, instead of using casualties as they became popular, they will be carried higher as belts. In addition, there are more models available than the sports one. The fashion houses have made these pieces in different materials and with varieties of wall lamps to make the chicest.

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If you want a more delicate style, there are fanny packs with small chains instead of thick straps. The colors are very varied. Therefore, we recommend buying it in a neutral color that you can take after the season passes. If you are on holiday near the sea, you can opt for a fanny pack of more resistant or waterproof material.

Craft sandals make their way10 Trends youll want to Wear This Summer 2018

The summer season is perfect for getting rid of high heels, tight shoes, and designer ankle boots. You can show your freshest and most relaxed side thanks to this trend of handmade sandals. Your foot will thank you. The most outstanding feature of this compliment is that they are mostly flat and follow the ethnic-minimal current.

For making these flip flops they use raffia, straw or jute rope. Also included in this category are handmade leather, which is quite different from a sneaker of the same material as a designer. If you want a bit of height, you can choose sandals with esparto platform. They are comfortable and they go with the season.

Pichi with bikini

The pichi is a classic dress. In this season they return, like many garments, reloaded. If previously they were used as school uniforms, this year can become your daily garment with the right companions. You can wear it with shirts, polos or your bathing clothes, depending on the style you want to achieve.

The pichi cowboy is the most common. However, you can find one that suits your needs. Remember that this garment is very versatile and you can use it to go to work with the appropriate blouse. Provided there is no dress code. Calvin Klein has many cool clothes to match. On the other hand, it is ideal for girls.

Purple is in fashion

The American company Pantone, creator of the color identification system, decreed the ultraviolet color of the year. To not make it monochromatic, the designers of the world have played with the palette of this tone. Resulting in a summer with many purple garments.10 Trends youll want to Wear This Summer 2018

We suggest you mix it with a nude or yellow tone. Everything will depend on the type of garment. If you wear a violet dress, it is preferable that the accessories are white. In case of wearing a purple swimsuit, we suggest the yellow accessories. You will look striking and fresh. Gray, mauve, and raspberry are nuances that you can combine depending on the saturation of the color.

Crossed dresses: the chicest

The wrap dresses will make you stand this summer. You can wear them as everyday clothes or for a special occasion. Only by playing with shoes and accessories do they change their appearance. From the casual to the most elegant. If you are on the coasts, we recommend you buy one in crepe point to stay comfortable.

These garments are distinguished by not having sleeves and carry the fabric from one side to the other of the torso and close with a drape at the waist. There are models with cuts in the thigh, but those that go to the knee are more popular this summer. You can buy dresses of earth tones; they are the indicated ones for these garments.

Skirts pareo for all occasions

Pareo skirts are quite comfortable and versatile garments. You can wear them with a polo shirt or your bikini and look sensational. It is also valid to play with the shoes to give him another look. Summer 2018 will be invaded by these pieces in their long models. No doubt you will want to take her.

In addition, some are available in fine materials that make it perfect for a special occasion, accompanied by a body. Remember that if you will be near the sea for a long time, this is your best option. The cotton ones are ideal for the beach since they do not adhere so much to your skin and are cooler.

Keep in mind that the pareo skirts or transparent ribbons only serve for the beach, as they leave the area of the pantyhose uncovered. It is better that you invest in a garment a little more versatile as we mentioned before.

Bathing suit to choose

For the summer season of 2018, there are several options of swimsuits that you can choose. The choice is a matter of taste. In addition, we anticipate that if during the holidays you think to be a long time near the sea, these items are on your list of what to pack for a trip to the beach. During this time, many of these four trends will be seen.

  • Swimwear cut out. These garments started from the typical one piece with the trend of low cut dresses in the back or side cuts. The most common have small central cuts and those of bareback. There are also variants that leave the abdomen free. There are many designs and colors available.
  • Halter neck bikini. The characteristic of this swimsuit is that the upper part is tied to the neck and usually leaves the back exposed. They are ideal for those who like to swim or practice water sports as it provides more support. As an additional, they serve as a crop top, so you do not need to have a shirt on hand.
  • Bikini with boat neck. It is a two-piece swimsuit that is distinguished by leaving the shoulders outdoors, highlighting neck, chest, and arms. Some models have very thin straps for more support.
  • Style with ruffles. The flown will be the sensation of this season. Bikinis regardless of their design or cut, they will be included to make more flashy and cool pieces. They give a more youthful appearance and have an Ibizan touch, ideal for summer.

The ruffles prevail

The clothes frilly, whether blouses or dresses have become popular in recent months. This, contrary to the usual, instead of subtracting attractiveness have made it one of the trends for the summer. It’s a cool, comfortable fashion and it looks great. You can combine with jeans or chinos, also with the widths or shorts.10 Trends youll want to Wear This Summer 2018

As for the dresses, it makes them lighter and ideal for the season. The pastel colors are the ones that are worn the most, as are the floral prints. On the other hand, there are pants with ruffles. These are characterized by having a high cut and wearing a bow at the waist. They are perfect to go to work during the summer.

Braided raffia envelopes

The raffia envelopes are wallets with a very traditional style. These accessories are braided in different colors to give an attractive appearance. If you like minimalist and handmade details, this article is ideal for you. Get it in your favorite tones and paint it during the summer.

Suggestions to buy

Remember that you can adapt all these trends to your conventional look. Both the colors and the garments can be adapted to your way of being. How important you feel comfortable and confident of your appearance during this season. Whether to go to work or vacation, you have several options to choose from.

On the other hand, it is necessary to verify that the clothes you buy will be the one indicated for your body type, considering your height, waist, and curves in the different areas.

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These are the trends that you will want to wear this summer 2018. In our store, we have available many clothing and accessories that you can incorporate into summer fashion. Do not think more and visit our website.


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