Stylish Dress For The Summer According To All The Rules Of The Dress Code

Stylish Dress For The Summer According To All The Rules Of The Dress Code

Such a thing as a dress code appeared in the late 1980s. Prerequisites for its formation were the feminist sentiments in society, the desire of women to participate in politics. Initially, the purpose of the dress code was to divert attention from belonging to the female sex, and in the foreground put the intellect and the business approach, and also emphasize the social equality between the man and the woman.

Of course, each campaign has its own requirements for the basic wardrobe of employees, reflecting the nature of the activity and the corporate culture. But there are generally accepted dress code rules that are recognized in many areas of the company’s activities. Here are the main ones:

  • The length of the skirt should be knee-deep.
  • Cutout blouse or dress about 8 centimeters, receding from the collarbone.
  • It is necessary that the sleeves cover their shoulders. Sarafans and tops on straps are unsuitable clothes for the office.
  • If the girl decides to put on a bright or translucent top, then it is worth wearing a bolero or a jacket over it.
  • From shoes, in the office, it is unacceptable to wear flip-flops, slippers, sneakers and any other sports and beach shoes. Ideal – closed shoes, ballet flats or sandals.
  • The coloring peculiar to the office dress code is calm, neutral shades.

New collections of fashion designers contain a huge selection of modern women’s clothes for the office, which allows lovely ladies, even according to strict dress code standards, to look stylish, exquisite and unique. What styles of summer dresses for businesswomen should be preferred this season?

Classic Straight DressStylish Dress For The Summer According To All The Rules Of The Dress Code

The dress of this style is sewn in a straight line. It fits the figure, emphasizing harmony and elegance. A straight dress is the most suitable option for an office. On the one hand, this style is peculiar to business style. And on the other hand, the girl in a straight dress looks feminine and graceful. Not for nothing that the little black dress became an icon of fashion.

How to choose a business dress for the summer? The summer version of the direct dress is made of natural fabric – cotton, linen, viscose. In such materials, you feel comfortable even in the hottest heat. This style can be made in a monochrome color, decorated with an unobtrusive embroidered pattern or with some decorative element. Also, the office dress code allows you to wear clothes with a soft print or pattern.

The classic straight dress looks great both in tall and short girls. In the first case, its straight lines emphasize harmony, and in the second, they are visually made higher. If we talk about the physique, then women with a rectangular figure or “hourglass” can safely wear this style. But the lady, who possesses such types of figures as “apple”, “pear” or “inverted triangle”, it is better to wear carefully fitting models of a direct dress.

Since the cut of a direct dress itself is quite strict and concise, it is worthwhile to pick up accessories that will complement the image of the office employee and emphasize his classical style. Of shoes are fine fit neat ballet flats or strict barefoot heels. Ideally for a straight dress looks a bag-clutch or a small suitcase. Also, low-key beads, a chain with a pendant or neat earrings will play their final chords in creating the perfect summer image of a business lady.

Dress-caseStylish Dress For The Summer According To All The Rules Of The Dress Code

Just like a straight dress, the case repeats the outline of the female figure and is sewn in a straight line. However, it has three differences:

  • The dress-case does not have a horizontal seam on the waist.
  • In the classical version, he does not have sleeves.
  • His cut does not provide for the presence of a collar.

If we talk about the office version of the dress-case, it is desirable, after all, to look for models with small sleeves that barely cover their shoulders. Fortunately, modern fashion trends in clothing suggest a free departure from the rules, so finding a suitable summer dress-case, in principle, will not be difficult. Also, you can stop the choice of a sleeveless dress sewn from a fabric that holds the shape well, and put a light blouse under it.

The dress-case has a tight silhouette. It effectively looks at slim girls of high or low height. But even women inclined to fullness can choose interesting models that will visually correct the figure. For example, inserts on the sides, cut out of a darker material, will make the waist and hips already.

From accessories to a dress-case, as well as to any other summer dress of business style, neat handbags suit perfectly. Shoes or sandals with high heels will emphasize the gracefulness of the girl and make her gait more elegant. Interesting design belt or belt gently shapes the waist. And if they match the color of a handbag or shoes, it will give your zest to the image.

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Dress shirtStylish Dress For The Summer According To All The Rules Of The Dress Code

The style of the dress-shirt owes its existence to Coco Chanel. It was she who decided to remake the man’s shirt in a woman’s dress. I must admit, she did it perfectly! Since then, the style of this dress travels from decade to decade, from one style to another. But the most important thing that Gabrielle has invested in it remains unchanged – it’s a free tailoring, combining lightness and elegance.

Choosing stylish women’s clothes in the online store, you can see a huge variety of models of dress-shirts. But basically this style is different:

  • Straight cut;
  • Clasp in front in the form of buttons (sometimes along the entire length, sometimes to the waist level);
  • Elongated shoulder line;
  • The folds are made on the back or front;
  • On the sleeves are often present cuffs.

Dress-shirt is a wonderful example of a summer business dress. Thanks to the free cut it saves in the heat, and also, it meets the requirements of the dress code. This style is suitable for almost all women, regardless of what type of figure they have. For those who have a rectangular figure, straight models will fit in a cage or strip. On girls with a figure “hourglass” perfectly fit dresses. A full-bodied figure will be decorated with a dress-shirt of spacious cut.

Business summer dress- shirt can be easily supplemented with stylish accessories. The invariable attribute of premium-class clothing is still sandals or high-heeled shoes. Strict office dress can be varied with a light scarf. Also, a handbag on a thin strap will emphasize the lightness and ease of the image. Very impressive looks white dress on the background of sunburn. In this case, accessories in dark beige or brown tones will be irresistible.

A-line dressStylish Dress For The Summer According To All The Rules Of The Dress Code

The A-line dress got its name due to the similarity with the letter “A”: it is narrow at the shoulders level and widens to the bottom. This style was created by Christian Dior in the 60s of the 20th century. Since then, designers have not lost interest in the A-silhouette. Shops of elite women’s clothing are constantly replenished with fashionable novelties of such dresses. Its main differences:

  • One-piece cut;
  • Short sleeve;
  • Collar – stock or postponed, although there are models without it;
  • Triangular shape.

A-line dress is a real business summer dress. Originally it was created as a uniform and was intended for work. It perfectly hides all the shortcomings of the figure, so it fits girls and women with any type of figure. On tall and slender it looks incredibly elegant, creating the image of a fragile lady. For girls with a disproportionate figure, the A-silhouette is a wand-wand, as he carefully conceals all unattractive moments.

A-silhouette is a typical representative of the retro style, which should be taken into account when choosing accessories for it. This style is not picky about the choice of shoes – it is suitable for a high heel, and shoes and sandals at low speed. The only taboo is rough, heavy shoes. Chiffon shawls, embroidered collars, a long string of pearls, an envelope bag – all this will help create a harmonious image of a fashionable business girl.

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Even in summer hot weather, the dress code is not a sentence, but another reason to find your irresistible style. The most important requirement for each woman’s office wardrobe is high-quality clothing, matched with taste. Having diversified their summer outfits with fashionable dresses of different styles, silhouettes, and colors, you can find a fine line between the strict rules of corporate culture and the desire to emphasize your femininity and attractiveness.

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