How to wear a Mandal

Men and sandals has always been a bit of a tricky fashion area. Some believe sandals should only ever be worn by men at the beach, others take offence to the sight of unkempt toenails and hairy toes, while others have never understood the penchant for the summer socks and sandals look that many older guys seem intent on sporting. However, when the temperatures rise, there is nothing more liberating than a pair of comfy sandals and men have been wearing them since ancient times. So, what is the best way to wear man sandals or mandals:

Here are some basic rules to follow to have the most appropriate summer feet:

  • Flip-flops are best left for the gym, pool or beach. They are not only not particularly comfortable for urban walking, but your feet will pick up all manner of grime and dirt from the street. Its also a bit of a fashion faux-pas.
  • Socks with sandals might be enjoying a resurgence in popularity but this is one trend you might pretend you havent seen. Its not cool, it never will be cool it just looks daft! If youre going to wear socks, you might as well wear shoes as youre negating the benefit of liberated feet anyway.
  • Unless youre staying on the beach, when the sun goes down, its best to switch to a shoe or trainer in the evening. Sandals and flip-flops are considered casual footwear in most cultures, so if youre heading into a restaurant or staying in a hotel, you might want to opt for more formal footwear. For a full range of Mens Rieker Shoes, including sandals, visit
  • Before releasing your feet to the world for the first time in a year, make sure your toenails are in reasonable shape. You dont need a pedicure, but you should trim them, keep them clean and deal with any wild hair growth.

Here are some current styles for you to consider:

Sliders These are casual and best suited for the beach, pool parties, barbecues or relaxing at home. They are made from rubber and you can pick up a super cheap pair or splash out a couple of hundred for a designer label pair. Again, the sock trend is wearing off, so give it a miss!

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Leather Slingbacks These sandals can look masculine, classic and luxurious. They are a little dressier than the available beach footwear and would suit summer exploring in both urban and seafront locations.

Birkenstocks These are a trusted name in the world of sandals and you cant really go wrong with a pair of these sophisticated mandals. They are timeless and classic, extremely durable and have been updated with a slingback style which also makes them nice and sturdy.

Espadrilles These are not technically classed as a sandal but are a very popular choice for mens summer footwear. They slip-on easily, the canvas is breathable and cool, and they can be paired up with shorts, jeans or for city wear, if youre somewhere really hot.

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