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Most of us would wish for a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes but most of us are also lacking slightly in the budget and space departments. Here we celebrate all things excessive and record-breaking in terms of people love of clothing and the lengths some will go to for this passion.

A man with a huge collection of t-shirts decided to put them to good use and set a new world record for the wearing as many as he could at the same time. Ted Hastings of Ontario, Canada managed to don 260 at once, achieving this feat on 17 February 2019. The t-shirts ranged in size from medium up to 20X and he raised much-needed money for a local school playground.

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In Puchov, Slovakia on May 8, 2016 a man named Pavol Durdik managed to wear 52 socks on his right foot and put them all on in just one minute. He must have a separate sock compartment in his wardrobe for all of those! If you’re short on storage, consider upgrading with Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire from a site like

On the 15th of April 2015 in Illinois, United States, a chap known only as Austin R. set a world record for wearing 61 hats at once. One can only assume that the hats were fairly small!

In Ozona, Texas, United States on June 22, 2017, a gentleman called Jeremy Munoz tied 200 neckties around his neck at once. Surely, he has a very large tie rack in his wardrobe!

A UK dad holds the world record for wearing the most pairs of underpants! He managed to squeeze into more than 300 pairs to take the record for the most pairs worn at the same time. This 53-year-old family man from South Tyneside, already held the record for 211 pairs of underpants but smashed his own record with a whopping 302 pairs.

The record for the world’s largest sneaker collection belongs to Jordy Geller. At the peak of his collection he opened a ‘Shoezeum’ which showcased 2,504 pairs of sneakers. The first pair he ever owned was a pair of Air Jordan 11s. The most luxurious pair purchased set him back $2000 each and were made from anaconda and crocodile with 24K gold!

Another obsession with fashion can be seen exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.
The early 20th century collection of Emily Margaret Tinne is the largest collection of one person’s clothing ever to be shown in a UK gallery, with huge numbers of garments having been donated by her family.

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Wife to a GP, Emily Tinne developed a passion for shopping and style during the interwar period with the collection displaying day outfits, evening dresses, formal wear, under garments, accessories, jewellery, footwear, bags and a large collection of hats. Much of the clothing dates from 1910 to 1939, reflecting the changing styles of the period.

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