ballet tutu skirt

The history of girls tutus goes way back in the 18th century. In this time period, the dance form ballet had generated and was taken up by many dancers rapidly. The girls’ tutu was a costume designed for this form of dance. The tutu dress was created in order to give an airy and light look. Thus when the dancers moved around lightly on their feet, they looked like feathers. Since then these tutu dresses have been carried on till today and it is made for all occasions as well as all ages. The really short tutus are used to dress up the toddlers, whereas the longer ones are for the older girls.

Girls of all ages have always been very affectionate towards dress up tutus. These tutu dresses as per one’s choice and preferences can be easily modified and given a new look. The variety of girls’ tutu has no end. They are found in numerous sizes, colours, styles, and prices in order to meet everyone’s requirements. The dress up tutus adds a different touch to the appearance of the girls wearing it. These tutus can also be worn on any and every occasion.

Many designers now also offer a large range of accessories that will compliment the tutu dresses and all enhance the look. Accessories like headbands, fairy wands, wreath crowns made of flower and fairy wings have become a favourite for all the little ladies who like to be treated as a fairy or a princess. The ballerina dresses that are available in the shops are halter neck satin dresses that have tutus. These dresses can be easily worn to parties making the little one catch all the attention.

Ballerina Tutu Types

In other to dress for a ballet performance or ballet class, one must keep in mind the ballet outfit is of major importance. The ballet clothing for women consists of a ballet tutu skirt that is generally attached to the bodice. The ballet clothes worn for practices should be comfortable. One must feel easy to move and stretch in the ballet outfit. The clothing should also be tight enough for the instructor to understand the body alignment of the performer and to correct them. The Ballet tutu that is mostly used in performances may have many layers to it that will enhance the whole look of a performer during the stage performance.

The Ballet Tutu can be of various kinds. Few of them are as follows:

Platter Tutu: This kind of tutu comes out from the waistline of the ballerina, which has a flat top and sticks out straight.
Classical Tutu (Pancake): Many layers of netting come out straight from the waistline or the hips fitting to the bodies and have flattish shape. This ballet tutu is generally very short in size. The Pancake tutu has too many layers that are usually tacked with the hand in order to maintain the flatness and to keep it stiff.
Romantic Tutu: This is a bell-shaped skirt which is three quarter in length. This sort of Ballet tutu is made out of tulle. The hemline of the tutu is always found to be between the ankle and the knee.
Classical Tutu (bell): This is also a short skirt with stiff netting. But instead of the shape being flat, this is bell-shaped. The length is usually longer than the pancake style and is attached to the waistline.
Balanchine/ Karinska Tutu: This short skirt does not have any hoops, unlike the others. It contains very few layers of net. It is called the “powder puff”. To make the skirt softer, the skirt is tacked loosely.

Purpose of Dancewear Costumes and Clubbing Outfits

The costume was worn by a dancer always has an impact on the audience or viewers. The main motive of dancewear costumes is to provide the dancer ease and comfort while the movements are made and also to enhance the look of the performer, her body and her movement. The dancewear costumes also depict the concept of the dance. The girl dancewear is an art that portrays the invisible ideas. These girls dancewear help catch the attention of the spectators.

Clubbing outfits should always have a strong and bold impact on the eyes that are watching. Thus appearance automatically becomes the first priority. The clubbing outfit itself should speak for one, sending out a message to everyone. Everybody in the club is dressed well in order to impress the crowd. Clubbing outfits always support one’s style statement if dressed well. Girls always like to pick a hot outfit for clubbing. The first impression is the one and only chance that one gets to blow off the minds of the others, thus one should always make good use of this opportunity with their style statement.

One must not confuse the words flattering and fashionable. A flattering clubbing outfit on the mannequin in the shop may be in fashion, but one should have the understanding that the dress may not suit her. It is not necessary that the dress will look good on everyone. The clubbing outfit selected should always complement one’s figure and appearance. The outfit should draw attention towards the natural curve, at the same time not making one look vulgar. Comfortable pants, slacks or skirts should be picked if one likes to dance a lot in the clubs. But if one is fonder of sitting around in the bars then the person can choose the outfit as per their preference.