What to wear

Spring, here is what to wear and what to put in the closet

The spring is back with its born again and wipes out the long, cold winter every year forces you to cover up, cover up, and covers up the excess with long scarves that obscure the face and maxi coats that heat.

The first heats are felt, the days are getting longer and the hours seem to run more slowly, and the flowers bloom colors the roads: thus manifests the beautiful spring everything changes, everything is cool, everything changes in the spring, but the will wanton women to do shopping.

Here then they appear magically in anoraks cabinets, t-shirt, fluttering skirts, floral patterns, scarves, hats with wide border-style ’50s, crop top, light and delicate fabrics together with sweet floral fragrances of different types, fruity scents , water, green, fruity gourmand, woody, aldehyde.

What to wear
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The spring purchases fall well into spring cleaning: you have to make room for new looks, new clothes and store in the attic those evil bosses and warm the now past winter.

What is appropriate to keep and what to keep?


Away in the attic, and those long warm coats with adjoining winter fur, during the winter we could not help it but in the spring, parkas, be replaced with elegant and refined trench: a type of waterproof belt on imitation of the army. The trench has the iconic features such as shoulder pads, lacing a double, the chin strap, the belt, the triangular flap superimposed lacing for better closure. It is made traditionally khaki gabardine fabric, today in many shades and colors do not more related to military use.

Heavy boots

No longer needed, alternatively you can opt for white or colored sneakers depending on your personal taste.

The white sneakers are trendy this year and companies have proposed different variations: no strings, cotton in perforated leather with profiles colorful, rubber tip, leather with studs and zip-decoration, crowned with colored feathers (Dionysus), with contrasting colored slots (DATE), with side zip and chain (Loriblu), appeal vintage for a re-enactment of a classic tennis (Puma), lug sole and futuristic details (adidas by Raf Simons), the Freestyle, a classic of the eighties in white version (Reebok), the classic Stansmith skin with colorful detail (adidas), high side zip (Stokton), superstars in total white version (adidas).

What to wear
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Leather pants

Unless it is not really a lover regatta of leather garments, it will be appropriate to retain certain garments for next season. The leather pants fall in number of these garments now store for next winter, with new hot can be used floral pants, flared, wide.

Hats in wool

Instead of wool caps, they come to the aid of the knit hats 50s style with large visor.


In the spring you leave the fur to make room for the nail, the biker jacket in leather jackets in rocking and strong style. Yes the nail on sheath dresses and dresses to defuse the usual romantic looks, it can be combined also studded and ripped for a total look dark. The famous leather jacket is a must among the stars: for them it is a “nail” fixed.

What to wear
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Farewell and welcome gloves colored enamels on pastel or fluorescent tones for the vamp. Welcome sunglasses in all shapes and any model, from vintage to minimalist.

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The paintings are too “mountain” and then they are seen too much in this winter, which is why for spring the best fantasy (over the flower) is the sailor stripes. On the bright or dark jeans, espadrilles with the foot, a bag with raffia weaves and away: casual and simple.


The Long and warm wool scarves must be replaced by light and soft mishmash. The mishmash is great initially made only in cashmere stoles, but today they come in different fabrics and colors.

What to wear
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I leave them at home sweaters, spring allows you to wear wide hoodies or without. The sweatshirts are definitely trendy, during the fashion week and the subsequent streetstyle they are lots of views: simple, with logos, colored, with or without hood for an increasingly popular style as casual wear.

Gross sneakers and heavy

Put them in the closet will not be easy if you are loyal, but good weather does not allow nostalgia: it’s time to wear canvas shoes like Converse and Superego.

For those who like the style sporty-chic and comfort, you can target new multicolor models, with prints and super cool plots suitable to wear with jeans or mini dresses.

There are many other variants: the simplest will opt for easy or leather in pastel shades, and those who dare more can rebuild with effects metallic, zips, mix of fabrics and bold colors.

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