Essentials of the closet

The essentials of the closet at any age and for any time

Whether to go to theoffice,stay with friendsor a romantic date.There are clothes in the closet that alwaysare a wild card, and when that happens the categorize of essential.In addition,they do not understand agesand are ideal for girls ranging from 20-70 (say).Here areinvestments that we do if we want to builda background of perfect closetand ideal … and for life.Do youtake note?

Essentials of the closet
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The blazer that case all

We must never let goof our blazer.In addition, when we say it is never literally.It is a dress that house with all and in all seasons: from skinny jeans, dresses, shorts, to long and floaty dresses.That’s why we must be very methodical and study wellthe model before buyingit (it will be for life).

Little Black Dress

Talk about a perfect background closet (regardless of age) is talking of alittle black dress.In addition, who dicelittle, saysmidi.That andgoes depending onthe taste of each.

Essentials of the closet
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A palazzo pants that you out of trouble

Whether for summer outfit for a party or attend a blacktie event.Thetype palazzo pantshave managed tosneak into our wardrobe and become an essential dress. No matter what color we are, always add a touch chic outfit at theend.

Skinny jeans

Speaking of essential operating at any age is the talk of skinny jeans.No matter when you leave our identity, the truth is that this dress fabulously house with all styles and bodies.That’s why it will never be too invest in this style pants.

Essentials of the closet
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Perfect you’re perfect

Perfect withone perfect jacket.With the passing of the seasons, such jackets have become amustto consider.They do not understand styles and ages, so always good tohave them on hand.

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A white blouse (unpolluted)

The white blouseis not synonymous with classic, boring or bland.A white blouse nuclear can have it all and more.We just need tofind that special model that makes us feel unique.And once we have itin our possession, we will turn our looks in artworks by their presence.

Essentials of the closet
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A black shoe salon (comfortable)

Assuming that the black color is necessary for our wardrobe,a type shoe salonis a safe investment.As much as the years pass that footwear us out of alot oftrouble, that’s why we look fora model that has a balance between comfort and stylize turn.

A bag 24×7

Sometimes itis good toinvest some more money in a good bag.The reason?We should seethis purchase as a type of investmentthat over the years will go upward and increase its initial value.It is best tolook fora model that will work 24×7 365 days a year.Skin, medium size and with muchsavoir-faire.

Essentials of the closet
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FindLASsunglasses are not easy.However,once you have themin your possessionthere is nothing to separate you from them.Any occasion is good to protect your eyes and bring a chic touch to your final outfit.Fashion accessoriesare necessary and can completely transform a look.

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A suit jacket

Who saidthe suit jacket is just to get to work?We can innovate with them and bet on disparate and different tones.Thus, we can go anywhere evolving style and class. According tothe tastes of each (and chances), we can combine itwith a shirt or another, and vary in tone.

Essentials of the closet
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A trench at the height

The trench (or gabardine) is oneof those items that never go outof fashion.Beige, gray, blue or multicolored, this dressalways good tohave on hand.In addition, yes, it is ideal for all ages:Iris Apfeland showed us his collection of hand & Other Stories.

Coats for gray days

How toface the cold with a pledge today and forever?Bet classic colorslike gray, navy, beige or black.Coats these shades are perfect for any age and never go outof style.

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