Tips on How Women Find Their Style In Clothes

Tips on How Women Find Their Style In Clothes

When around such a variety of styles, color combinations, trends and accessories for women, finding your style is not easy. If you feel that you need to develop a single concept from your bows, then it’s time to disassemble the wardrobe and analyze the appearance. Today we will tackle the choice of stylistic orientation and the creation of its unique image.

The style is based on a sense of taste

Since you are thinking about choosing a style, then you are interested in the fashion sphere. Surely you have already flipped through the fashion magazines, followed the trends and tried to introduce something unusual in your daily life: bright little handbags, leopard print, mules or put on linens over T-shirts.Tips on How Women Find Their Style In Clothes

This is correct: you need to draw inspiration from everywhere. See beauty bloggers, read stylists, learn about Instagramfashion girls. Do not hesitate in part to repeat someone’s style. Absorb the information, learn the rules of the combination, and try to understand how things are combined between. So you will develop a taste, and with it an understanding of what style you like.

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We analyze the initial data of the cabinetTips on How Women Find Their Style In Clothes

After you have determined your own preferences, proceed to the analysis of the wardrobe. All things must be divided into kits and evaluate their viability in your new image. You will be surprised how much of the future style you find in the bowels of the cupboard.

Important! Without pity, part of what does not cause joy. Even if it’s an expensive thing, but it’s been hanging for the third year already, do not keep it in the closet. All that you have left from the old style, should please.

Let us give an example. Your choice fell on boho-chic, folklore style. Leave only what is associated with nature. I’ll have to say goodbye to all the things of acid color, most office pants (if the dress code is not) and boats. If you feel that this style is to your liking, but working days do not allow you to embody it, simply introduce vivid details: blouses with vegetable print, natural colors, soft accessories and long monophonic skirts.

We look in the mirror

In addition to the cabinet, you still have to figure out your own appearance. If you chose the same Bochco-chic, but your facial features are dramatic, your hair is thick and black, it will make you an oriental beauty in a sweeping dress. Conversely, blonde hair, pale skin, and eyes are lost against the background of vegetative patterns, soft natural shades. The best female appearance for this style is the “bright summer” color-type: red, with shining eyes and freckles.Tips on How Women Find Their Style In Clothes

Evaluate your data. Once again, walk around the wardrobe and measure things. If you rosary see that you go to strict blouses, put on high tail hair and square heels, then your style is casual. It can be slightly diluted with a print of flowers, but it is not worth it to fully wear such clothes.

Pay attention to your color. For example, “summer” girls are approached by relaxed styles – graceful Provence, romantic empire. And “winter” beauties can calmly dress up in biker jackets and go to the gothic style. It all depends on the skin tone, eye tone, and hair.

Adapt everything to yourself

The most important thing: being inspired by another’s style, think, as you can adapt it under the way of life and the natural data. The figure also limits the choice. For example, “pears” need to wear a high waist, which does not fit in with the freestyle of “oversize.” The silhouette should be smooth, especially if there is something to correct.Tips on How Women Find Their Style In Clothes

It is very important that the new wardrobe is in harmony with the way of life. If you like dresses and hairpins, but you have children, think about how to introduce a little femininity into everyday life. If you like sports style, but lacks elegance, pay attention to sport-chic or preppy.

Do not forget that the most important component of the style is the hairstyle. Proper makeup will also help you look harmonious.


Finding your style is very easy. You will immediately like it, you do not miss it. It only remains to fit it a bit “in shape” and choose suitable colors for the face. You should feel relaxed in your clothes, and then everyone around will understand all the signs of a unique image.Tips on How Women Find Their Style In Clothes

First, look at fashionable images and styles. Now in the trend of naturalness, deliberate negligence, geometric patterns and a fitted silhouette. All this easily fits into the style of “casual.” It is best to start with those who find it difficult to choose their own style. “casual” as easily as possible adapts to any situation.

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Over time, you can implement any complex style – Japanese street fashion, bohemian or new-bow. This can be a great hobby. By the number of compliments and the absence of a question to itself “What to wear today?” You will understand that they have acquired their own style. Then it remains only to improve, adding details. Also, we suggest visiting short term loans online for fast loan.

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