What Accessories For Women In Fashion 2018?

What Accessories For Women In Fashion 2018?

Accessories have always been an important element of the image. But in 2018 the designers paid special attention to them. Trifles become more vivid and original. According to new trends, accessories are designed to capture attention and increasingly play a central role, forming a common style of the image.

Fashion Sunglasses

An important characteristic that unites all trends is quality glass. Relevant is the massive frames and thin metal, which come into contact with the lenses only in some places, non-standard design. Trends of the season:

  • Round glasses.
  • Overseas models, the outlines of which are beyond the face oval.
  • Aviators with a frame decorated with original protrusions, flowers, animal figures.
  • Mirror and colored lenses.

What Accessories For Women In Fashion 2018?Glasses of irregular shape

The revival of the retro style led to the popularity of horny frames.

A large selection of original solutions extends the range of possible options depending on the features of the face structure. If you do not fit the shape of the glass, a massive or figured frame will adjust the proportions.

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Actual watchesWhat Accessories For Women In Fashion 2018?

With the advent of mobile phones, this accessory gradually loses its functional need and goes into the category of decoration. New trends of wrist watches also demonstrate a variety of solutions:

  • Classic forms and concise design. Minimalism sometimes finds extreme manifestations. A vivid example is the absence of numbers and divisions, only large arrows.
  • The popularity of floral patterns also affected the watch’s fashion. Gucci, Dior, Olivia Burton offered models with a strap and dial, decorated with floral prints.
  • Watches with geometric patterns are actual. Peas, a strip, a heap of figures with the effect of 3D will become a harmonious addition to the business image.
  • Bright sports models with a large dial. They are universal, combined with wardrobe and youth areas.
  • Collections of watches are increasingly producing fashion brands. Designers are sure that in this way they give women the opportunity to create images in which all elements harmoniously complement each other.

Belts and glovesWhat Accessories For Women In Fashion 2018?

Non-standard approaches also prevail here. The collection of accessories and bags made of transparent plastic from Chanel, which became a kind of revelation of the season, is not the only revolutionary breakthrough. Popular brands compete among themselves in search of original ideas:

  • Gloved leather gloves from Calvin Klein, models from combined materials, bright color solutions.
  • Thin long belts, wrapped in several layers on the belt, from Altuzarra.
  • Belt mini-bags. The Salvatore Ferragamo brand offered elegant models embossed with reptile skin and snake prints.
  • In 2018, designers offer to wear in the role of a belt metal chains or thongs from connected rings with original pendants. They will become a harmonious addition to the classic pencil skirt and a fitted dress.


Must have 2018 – transparent hats with small fields from Chanel. In summer, you should pay attention to the straw patterns. In the trend, retro hats with wide margins, crocheted. Soft and irregular shapes look cute and touching, perfectly fit into a romantic wardrobe.

In the autumn, stylists recommend purchasing a large shawl and scarf. Again, the actual dressings on the head: in the style of pin-up. In the trend, satin turban with intricate knots, decorated with large brooches.

What Accessories For Women In Fashion 2018?Topical ornaments

In this sphere multifactor, complex forms and hypertrophied volumes prevail. Fashionable solutions allow you to choose jewelry for your wardrobe in any style:

  • Large earrings – multi-layered rings, ovals and rectangles, pendants on chains and in the form of fringe, hulahupy, Congo. It is not necessary to wear a pair of similar products. You can wear one earring or models from different sets.
  • Cuffs decorated with precious stones.
  • Massive bracelets. If you prefer elegant ornaments, wear several at the same time. You can choose bracelets from the same material or harmonious color combinations, wrap the pearl thread on the brush.
  • Necklace in ethnic style. Pendants and medallions on a long thin chain.

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