Clothes Made of Plastic – Fashion Trend 2018

Plastic overflowed the whole planet: now loudly declared itself to the world from the fashion podiums as an extravagant fashion trend. Star couturiers create brilliant, iridescent evening dresses of him, sew transparent coats and caps, and make boots and boots. Special bows are obtained onions, created on the basis of the printed material. If you do not have the courage to put on a trendy plastic outfit, you can purchase an accessory: a transparent bag or boots with the same heel.

Transparent things and shoes

Shoe brands make boots and shoes from transparent and laminated plastic (the upper layer resembles water, the lower layer is colored). Plastic bags look unusual and stylish: the main thing is to take care of the order inside. Transparent things: for example, raincoats – an integral part of the outfit based on dresses, jackets with trousers and skirts.

Clothes made of plastic - fashion trend 2018
Plastic things have a matte or glossy luster

Easy decoration with rhinestones adds style clothes. Printed plastic is a material for sewing raincoats and coats. Innovative technologies made it possible to obtain breathable and lightweight tissue: micropores ventilate the body, preventing overheating and sweating. Therefore, a number of fashion designers sew different things from it:

  • Blouses and shirts;
  • Flared dresses;
  • Skirts of different styles;
  • Tight trousers.
Clothes made of plastic - fashion trend 2018
In a colorless raincoat, a pouring rain

Tweed set and transparent boots – a spectacular ensemble that will be appropriate in the office, or as a street image. White and black clothes with plastic “water” boots – the trend of 2018. The more laconic the ensemble, the less must be the ornaments. For women, plastic clothing is a win-win option in rainy, wet weather.

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Total bow and futuristic things

Abstraction gives credit to the plastic outer clothing with holographic effect, decorated with sequins, in the style of metallic. Solid bows look spectacular and extravagant. Designers offer brave women of fashion to fully wear plastic: gloves with a crap, boots – version for the middle of spring, autumn. In winter with a plastic dress we put on a down jacket, and on a party – long effective mitts with an evening toilet.

Clothes made of plastic - fashion trend 2018
Instead of a jacket and a coat – an iridescent jacket

The elegance of the female image is given by holographic fringe, long outfits, stylized as organza. An outrageous image is created on the basis of things with complex draperies of neon color. Black plastic total onion from latex is characterized by minimalism, matte shine. A colored plastic jacket will replace the jacket and raincoat in the warm season. A short or long cape is another version of outerwear in the summer that protects against rain, fog. The mainstream fashion of this season is a transparent jacket. We put under it:

Experiments in the style of Futurism were conceived initially as an outrageous detail of the bow in changeable weather. The development of designers in this vein involves, along with plastic things, vinyl. Their practicality consists of waterproofing, the ability to combine materials with other types of fabric and skin. Latex dresses look like things from the future. They tighten the figure, highlight its virtues, therefore, wearing a dress-case, a girl must have slenderness, graceful physique.

Vinyl plastic

Clothes made of plastic - fashion trend 2018
Transparent baseball cap makes adventurous youthful onions

Vinyl sun-skirt is one of the popular options for everyday wear, creating a bow in the urban style. Its length can vary from mini to maxi. The black, brown and beige color of the skirt harmonizes well with sweaters and cardigans decorated with bright prints. Vinyl leggings need to choose soft (without acid colors) and not tight. A jacket made of vinyl will give a piquant note to light denim jeans, a rough knitted scarf, and a bad loon. Thanks to a good fit for the body and a minimum of seams, vinyl is used for sewing all kinds of things. A waterproof plastic cap is a good addition to a youth bow.

Iridescent plastic dresses resemble natural elements – a fitted bodice with a semicircular or square collate shades the splendor of a flared skirt.

Of the fashionable colors this year, the designers distinguish the lime, ultramarine shade, the color of the sea, and metallic, pink tones. Collections of a-porter are full of feminine styles.

The spicy thing for the summer – a transparent mini skirt, midi. It is worn with leggings or denim shorts.

Instead of trousers made from one plastic, designers are asked to wear jeans or corduroy items with plastic inserts on their knees, in the waist zone, from below.

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Plastic embodies exquisite extravagance in fashion, without going beyond decorum. Trends of an outrageous direction are transparent and colored things from latex, vinyl, plastic threads. This includes dresses, raincoats or capes, shoes with a colorless heel, hats trimmed along the edges of a transparent strip.

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