Marble nails

Marble nails effect, the new all summer trend

The trendy manicure of the summer season is the one with marble effect nails with metallic or glitter colored streaks, for a truly chic effect to show off!

For lovers of hands that are always neat and in step with the latest nail art trends, it’s time to show off a real change of look. These are marble-effect nails, which have already been used for several years, but with one substantial difference. So far we have seen them in their classic variant on a light or pink base with gray streaks inspired by the realistic shades of marble.

On the other hand, the change of outfit is the watchword also in terms of manicure. And the representative decorations of the marble become colored, leaving room for imagination and different shades. Let’s see how to best achieve them!

Marble nails effect, a trendy passion for nails

The marble effect for gel manicure has always been the most original artistic expression. It is a question of recalling the stretched essence of the rocky material with its streaks tending to gray or black in contrast with the light base. But fashion also takes its steps forward in the marble nail art sector with a new, even more risque effect . For lovers of novelty and color, it is time to show off the new colored marble effect . Suitable for medium length nails turns our hands into an unrecognizable artistic palette.

The streaks can be glitter or metallic in contrasting shades but always effective. The colors of use are many ranging from pink to black, from purple to blue. The new trend is perfectly suited to more casual or more elegant outfits from time to time. The only advice is to avoid a tacky effect and to make it on a few nails instead of on the whole hand. Or if you prefer homogeneity you need to divide the nails into two sections by applying marble art only in one!

Marble effect nails, how to make them

It would seem difficult to achieve when it is completed but it is not at all. Just get the right products and that’s it! First we buy a nail art brush with a very fine tip, two glazes with contrasting colors and one transparent. To make the effect last longer, we recommend the gel while for those who prefer the semi-permanent, the Shellac line is the best in terms of resistance.

We need to apply the nail polish that we have chosen as the basis of our nail art and make the streaks with the brush using the contrasting color. All before the base dries! For a more creative and luminous effect, you can create glitter or metallic-colored streaks . Finally, with the same brush and the transparent nail polish you can blend the streaks to avoid a clean mark. Only in this way will we be able to have the true reference to marble and its rocky naturalness!

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