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Tips for a perfect goth makeup

The goth culture requires a particular make-up, with dark tones. Here are some tips to make it happen

With the term  goth  (in Gothic Italian) we mean a set of different subcultures, but at times united in music, aesthetics and fashion most often with clothing, makeup and dark hair  . All goth culture revolves around the look . Make-up, for example, is only one of the constituent elements of the gothic look, a particular type of make-up and certainly very dark. If you are passionate about this style, here is our guide on how to make a perfect  gothic style make-up .


The first step is the foundation: get a  foundation  one or two shades  lighter  than the color of your complexion. Goths generally have an extremely pale appearance, but choosing a good foundation is essential to avoid creating the unsightly ‘white mask’ effect. If you have rather dark skin, in addition to the foundation, also get some  white powder  to spread over the foundation. This will avoid noticing too strong a contrast with your complexion.

Eye make-up

For the eyes use a  dark eyeshadow  such as black, purple, blue or dark red and have fun with the shades. Then move on to the application of the eyeliner , in this case it is preferable to choose a liquid one because it has a greater hold and gives a better intensity to the look. Finally, use  black  mascara , for goths the latter is a must, because it darkens the eye area further giving a vampire air. Choose an eyelash extension mascara, which gives an extra touch of black to your eyes.

Lip make-up

As for the lips, opt for dark lipstick (red or purple), or alternatively, if you want to create a daytime look that is not too flashy, use a lipstick with a very light shade always to give the pale effect.

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