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How to match black pants

How to match black pants. Here is one of the most frequent requests that I find myself satisfying in the store . When I started this job I thought it was a trivial question, over time I changed my mind and I’ll explain why.

An operation with a trivial appearance that should not be taken lightly, because just any thing is not enough!

Come on, I thought, ask me about everything but not what to wear in black trousers. Is it really that hard? If after more than ten years of working in the shop, full of very popular broadcasts, tutorials, and inputs coming from all over the world, this is still one of the most frequent requests, it means that it’s not so banal!

How to match black pants: the general rules

black pants

Let’s find out why it’s not enough to just put anything on our beloved black pants for the outfit to meet expectations.

  • First – harmony objective: to compose the right combination to streamline, enhance the figure and minimize any critical points ;
  • Second – do the trousers fit the silhouette? Here we say yes but it might be useful to (re) read my little guide
  • Third – we proceed with the choice of the above according to the individual physical characteristics.

The harmony of the figure is achieved by respecting the proportions. Just follow some simple general rules to clear away all doubts and choose the perfect match! How about, let’s start trying?

  • Proportions: prefer a long top over narrow ankle-heeled trousers and short top over wider trousers with a bottom hem;
  • Body Shape: figure by figure let’s see what to aim for to balance the proportions:
  • Amphora: focus on light colors, patterns, and details. Enriching the upper part, smaller than the lower one, is the trick to focus on to harmonize this figure;
  • Reverse triangle: less is more, the top must be simple in thin yarns or slippery fabrics, prefer V-necks and long garments such as cardigans or jackets worn open on something dark;
  • Rectangle: in this case, it is a lucky figure because it can afford any model of top and t-shirt, but be careful not to overdo the necklines if the décolleté is dry;
  • Oval: Blouses and tops will be soft and slippery but not oversized and shapeless or even bag-like. V-necks and crosses are the details of the perfect match.
  • Hourglass: the figure with ideal proportions will only have to worry about enhancing the décolleté with feminine necklines.
black pants

There are no trivial combinations

As we have seen, it is not so easy to find the ideal match if you do not know at least some basic rules, the question: “What can I wear on black trousers?” it is not at all obvious.

There are still many nuances to consider and can only be explored live with personalized advice or by contacting your trusted store. In the meantime, you can try shopping in your closet!

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