How are Aran sweaters made

How are Aran sweaters made? The fibers that are used to make these sweaters come from the Aran Islands in Ireland, Scotland, The types of fibers that are used are from the sheep that live on the island (and from other sources given the amount of demand) This is the Merino wool from the sheep. The wool from these sheep is special as it has properties that lend itself to a wool that is not only warming but also water resistant. This is because of the oils in the wool. The sheep themselves have developed this over time being just as exposed to the winds and sea salt spray that the island finds themselves battered with throughout the year. Aran Sweaters from Shamrock Gift are fine examples.

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Because of the Aran sheep’s wool, which is so soft and warm, it is quite similar to cashmere, and many other types of wool. The fibers are almost silk like , but because they are not as soft, they are not as comfortable as pure cashmere wool. The wool is taken from the shearing of the wool from the sheep’s bodies,

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These sweaters can be worn by people of any age, and for any occasion. They are very easy to care for, and last a long time. This material also has some natural anti-fungal properties and works well to keep moths and other unwanted pests away. These are one of the main reasons that these sweaters are so popular, and that the manufacturing process even exists. The answer to how are aran sweaters were made is simple: they are made by hand, almost like handmade art pieces by the women to protect their fishermen husbands and sons.

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