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Being an athlete is not an easy task. To remain at the top of your sport, defeat all newcomers, and find time for yourself and your family it’s a tricky balancing act. It’s just the same for Paralympians as it is for non-disabled athletes. What if you can’t find the sport you want to do? This was the problem for British Paralympian Harri Jenkins as he strived to make his way in the sport. Harri uses a wheelchair, but there are other disabled people who want to play sports but use Walking Aids like those from https://www.abilitysuperstore.com/collections/walking-aids to aid them. One thing is sure, Harri epitomises the belief that sport is for all.

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Harri tried every kind of disability adaptation sport, but eventually, he could not separate his love of wheelchair basketball and wheelchair racing. So, in the spirit of compromise, he decided to embrace both at the same time. He now competes in both disciplines, as long as the scheduling allows.

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Starting in wheelchair racing, young Harri had to stop for medical reasons. Not to be denied his chance to play sport, he turned to wheelchair basketball. However, he has subsequently returned to racing in pursuit of that elusive gold medal. He already had gold from the Berlin Euros in 2019, but his main aim is Paralympic gold, as is the way for all athletes who are disabled in their field. He is a rising star in the UK team.


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