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Your close friend is getting married and asks to be a witness at the wedding. This is wonderful because a wedding is a wonderful event! Of course, you will have many questions: first, what you need to do, secondly, how to behave correctly at the wedding ceremony, and thirdly, how to look. So what kind of dress to choose for a witness, and also what accessories to pick it up?

The bride’s groom is always in the center of attention, as she spends all the time around the newlyweds. To look beautiful in the photos, it is necessary to competently approach the choice of the witness’s attire.

This is not an easy task, because you want to look luxurious and gorgeous, but the wedding day can be difficult. Thus, it is better to give preference to a simpler style, which will be as comfortable as possible.

How To Choose A Spectacular And Harmonious Dress Of The Witness?

The topic is rather delicate and contradictory, but if you approach the question correctly, you can find your own variant for each of the weddings. We will talk about what kind of dress will be appropriate and effective for the bridesmaid. To simplify the task, we advise you to familiarize yourself with certain rules of wedding etiquette.

If you are invited as a bridesmaid for a wedding, try to follow simple, but at the same time important recommendations when choosing a holiday dress. Regardless of the strong desire to purchase a chic evening dress, do not forget that the main character of the wedding – it’s not you. Therefore, a friend needs to focus on a model that does not outshine the bride herself. The best option is a charming dress that fits a solemn atmosphere.

Fashion Dresses For Bridesmaids – What Should I Avoid?

Be sure to coordinate with your bride your future attire. Perhaps, you will want to arrange a joint tailoring or together to buy dresses to look harmonious. Or maybe your outfits will be of the same fabric, but different styles or be decorated with the same decorative elements so that everyone will know that you are the best girlfriends.

Even if you decide to rely on your own opinion, do not forget: your dress must be smart and simple at the same time. You cannot be more visible and luxurious than a bride, because it’s her solemn holiday. Leave an elaborate outfit and intricate hairstyle, as well as catchy make-up for a nightclub or a friendly party where you can shine, eclipsing other girls.

Dress on the floor with a lush multi-layered skirt to put on risky – you do not want to be confused with the bride. Also, the defiant neckline that strips the upper part of the body or the too short mini is not suitable; all the guests focus on you, not on the bride. And what opinion will they have a friend? If this does not matter for you, then think about the feelings of a friend!

Perfect Silhouette Of The Bridesmaid Dress

Almost in each of the collections, the designers represent dresses with an A-shaped silhouette. They are tselnokroenye dress with a tight top and gradual expansion to the bottom, without the formation of wrinkles. This style is called Empire, and it is great for a witness.

Such a model can be chosen with a skirt in the floor, overstated waist, with detachable top. Stay on the direct models – detachable in the waist or under the chest or tselnokroenyh.

A magnificent option will be an outfit with the silhouette of a “mermaid”. Having preferred a very narrow and tight fitting style, supplement it with a short jacket-bolero, because in combination with a jacket, after all, this dress looks stylish and interesting. Witnesses should give up too short dresses, as well as blouses with a skirt, trousers, summer sarafan. Well, the dresses of ballroom styles are absolutely inappropriate!

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The Main Styles Of Cocktail And Evening Dresses For Bridesmaids

Elegant Classic

Here the main thing is a competent selection of the silhouette and style of the attire. The dress should sit on the girl perfectly – emphasize the dignity and hide the shortcomings. Classic laconic cut, soft, restrained monochrome fabrics and lack of abundant decor.

Style “Retro”

Now the period of the seventies of the last 20th century is especially relevant. The motto of that period is sexuality and sensuality, therefore, as the dress of the bridesmaids; the feminine models of the figure are fitted.

Romantic Flair

The image of a dreamy and romantic girl cannot afford each. However, if you are such in life, then do not consider other options – the softness of pastel shades, the charm of ruches and the charm of the defenses, flowing flying fabrics and voluminous flowers are ideal!

Ultramodern Art Nouveau

Observe all the latest trends – not the right way to choose the outfit for a bridesmaid, but nothing is impossible. Pay attention to the complexity of the multi-layer cut, the asymmetry of the cuts and draperies, as well as the seductive bustier dresses with a neckline in the form of a heart.

Choose The Length Of The Dress And The Degree Of “Openness”

A witness can choose a long or short dress for a wedding, guided by her own preferences, a sense of style and taste. Attire with a small neckline will be quite acceptable. However, one should adhere to the basic rule: the shorter the skirt, the more closed the top of your dress. When choosing a dress on the floor, you can allow a deeper dcollet, but you should not overstep the propriety measures, the image should not be vulgar.

Remember etiquette – a long evening dress can be worn only for that event, which starts after 17:00. Morning registration of the marriage (or at lunchtime) does not allow the witnesses alongside to belong. Therefore, at any time, you can safely wear original cocktail dresses (very interesting look models with lace).

The main feature of the cocktail dress is its length. It should not be below the knee level. If you have the will and the opportunity, you can prepare two options. So, in the afternoon to put on a cocktail dress, and in the evening in the restaurant to change into a long evening. However, this is not the basic rule of etiquette, it is often violated by witnesses and guests at the wedding.

Perhaps the best dress for a wedding for a witness is an ordinary evening dress or a so-called cocktail dress with a simple uniform that emphasizes her figure, feminine and noble. Although the pants do not recommend, however, for a modern wedding, it may be appropriate to wear a formal or romantic women’s suit.

What color is the outfit to buy?

It should immediately make a reservation that the witness at the classical wedding ceremony does not suit the black, red and white colors of the attire. Even if they go very well to you and at the peak of fashion this season, it is better to choose a dress of a different shade. We explain in connection with what.

Traditionally, white color symbolizes purity and innocence. The right to wear it at the wedding is solely the bride and no one else. In addition, you are unlikely to like it if strangers in the REGISTRY OFFICE will ask you: “Are you a bride?”

As for the black dress, it can make an unpleasant impression. Calling in the view of many mourning associations, black color involuntarily makes everyone wonder: why did the wedding of your best friend make you dress in mourning?

But the red dress will look a little … let’s say so, indecent. Scarlet shade will attract all eyes on the wedding ceremony, which means that they will look at you, not at the bride. In addition, in the photo, you will give the impression of a red blob against the background of a snow-white bride, and the pictures will not be harmonious. But if you, nevertheless decided, no matter what, for red, choose a laconic style.

The best option is choosing the dress in the following discreetly pastel colors:

  • Sky blue
  • Light pink
  • Pistachio
  • Beige
  • Light lemon.

Although everything is not so adamant – modern weddings do not go in strict accordance with the traditional canons, allowing both brides and bridesmaids to choose those shades that they prefer.

Comfort – Above All!

An important point – your dress must ideally “sit” on the figure. In it you should be comfortable and comfortable, because the whole day from early morning until late evening, the bridesmaid will hold in front of everyone, smiling and answering questions, she will have to stand and walk a lot but remain feminine and sweet. It is impossible not to agree that it is difficult if the strap on the dress constantly falls or it presses too much in the armpits.

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Another practical advice – take a dress that you can wear for other ceremonial events.

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