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Tips for choosing the wedding dress

One of the most important things for a bride is choosing her wedding dress. The choice of dress depends on your skin color, your body, hair color, style … Want to find out what the perfect wedding dress for you?

One of the most important things for a bride is choosing your wedding dress. The choice of dress depends on your skin color, your body, hair color, style … Want to find out what the perfect wedding dress for you? Take note.

As I said earlier form and choosing your wedding dress will depend on your basic body shape, month, time, the venue or style of the ceremony. 

Wedding Dress
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Usually the wedding dress is usually chosen to start in the period from six to three months before the ceremony. Each body shape thanks lines and different specific cuts, although each fabric, color, ornament and complement reflects the personality of the bride.

Common to all forms certain criteria that lead to balance the body, concealing wide areas and thin areas expanding, lengthening and shortening short those other areas too spindly apply.

We can establish a classification of body shapes in response to the contour of the chest, waist and hips, shoulder shape, volume legs and arms.

Wedding Dress
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– Bow or hourglass: the more balanced and perfect body. It supports all types of designs, cuts, colors, patterns, structures and tissues. It is one in which the contour of the chest is equal to the contour of the hip, looking narrow waist emphasized by rounded buttocks. To get the most out of this body, waist is weighed forthwith, and hip and bust are marked short of provocation. The part of the skirt can look on the bias, flared, to cloths, pleated and straight, always starting with a fitted waist.

– Eight or guitar: As the name suggests, it is all curvy: pretty bust, hips and buttocks and narrow waist. The lower body height a little higher than the top. Mark body shapes highlights the beauty of it, so it is necessary to use soft tissues, that fit slightly (with little texture: silk, chiflón, crepe, tissue adjustable, with some lycra …) and does not cause optical effect of various sizes more about contour of the hips and chest. Ornaments and other details will be avoided. However, cross-tied or not perfected ways aside and bust waist and skirts or bias biased refine and enhance the waist.

Wedding Dress
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– Tubular body which can be elongated or square elongate is characterized by having little bust, while the square, with wider structure, to have it separately.

Nothing short of its name, the tubular body is straight and has balanced shoulders and hips, despite the buttocks are flat, but definer waist.

Usually the straight and angular shoulders square tubular, thin limbs and occasionally the contours of the hips above the waist and chest. Ideally, the bust will enhance such women, disguise the hips and emphasize the hip. The princess cut is appropriate, with tweezers and details at the top, even lace overlaid on the chest, to the elongated tubular to offer volume.

– Triangular shape or pear: The upper area is small and narrow and most difference to the bottom of the waistband, where rapidly hip concludes with stuffed legs widens.

The solution to dress this bride involves broadening the area of ​​the shoulders slightly, using pads, soft ruffles and leave slack in the body. The lower zone is to be drawn with amplitude irremediable: a cloth, the bias, with low or medium fabric weight, such as silks, crepes and tulles point. Prefer a bra; it ends right at the waist without in any case the wide area of ​​the hip.

Selected for the top have more body tissues and can use the same fabric lined the bottom. The necklines in the back as well as Japanese and raglan sleeves are inadvisable.

Wedding Dress
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– Triangular invested: Requires enhance all the details at the bottom of the dress. Le favors straight lines, or pleated cloth, avoiding pleats at the waist and ruffles or layers. Being an angled body structure is best to use finished fabrics such as silk and satin fabrics and lined with some wrinkles. It will also promote the wide necklines, lines and geometric designs.

– Oval body: The lines that favor this body are basically straight and unadorned except at the top, but the fabrics should be placed on the shoulders and of good fall (crepes, silks, tulles point), slightly thick, avoiding rough to suppress the feeling of volume. The princess cut or two pieces are their allies. No flaps or only with them rounded top and the bottom looks great improvement with skirts or folded cloths.

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