Dress With Shuttlecock On The Shoulders

Dress With Shuttlecock On The Shoulders

A well-chosen wardrobe can help to remain beautiful and romantic in any conditions. An indispensable thing in creating an exclusive image is a dress with flounce or ruffles. Thanks to this model, any girl can feel confident and free during her walk in the city or at a dinner in an expensive restaurant. A dress with a shuttlecock can be put on not only on the beach but also on the way out, the main thing is to successfully combine it with other clothes, accessories, and footwear.Dress With Shuttlecock On The Shoulders

Many trendy designers in their collections are dresses with frills on their shoulders. True, these models are too expensive, and it is not always possible to purchase designer new items.

Important! Flounced styles are recommended for girls with a feminine figure, proportional to the addition. For ladies with wide shoulders, it is best to look for a different model of the dress, since ruffles on the shoulders will visually enlarge the upper part of the body. But for women with an expressionless bust, such models will be just right.

Sew this model with your own hands is not at all difficult. It is only necessary to carefully read the sewing technology proposed in the article, and, following all the recommendations, accurately take measurements and build a pattern.

Preparatory stage: choice of fabric

Dresses, decorated with flounces, are sewn from various fabrics in structure and composition. If you plan to wear clothes in hot weather, it is best to give preference to thin and lightweight materials. This may be chiffon, chintz. For models in the floor fit natural silk or satin. But for a cool season, we can recommend thin wool with elastic additives or soft knitwear. An outfit of thin denim, which can be worn both in summer and warm in autumn, will look stylish and modern.

Dress With Shuttlecock On The Shoulders

Tip! When sewing clothes with frills on the shoulders, the width of the frill should be considered. It should be no less than 5 cm. With an asymmetrical arrangement of the shuttlecock on one shoulder (right or left – to whom it is both convenient and familiar), the model of the dress becomes more refined and romantic.

Step-by-step workshop for beginners

Tailoring a dress model with a shuttlecock is not particularly difficult. Easy and fast in terms of building patterns, such a dress can be sewn even by an inexperienced dressmaker.

Dress With Shuttlecock On The Shoulders

  1. Measure the volume of the chest. We add while cutting out 15 cm on each side. It is necessary for free diligence and beautiful drapery.
  2. We define the length independently (if you sew a dress for a hot summer from thin light material, it can be both mini and maxi length).
  3. Do not forget to take into account the seam allowance. They should be added on each side by 2-3 cm.
  4. Cut out 2 rectangles (according to all allowances). We overcast every detail and sew from two sides (along with the side edges). Leave the top space for armholes. The result should be a billet in the form of a “pipe”.
  5. Arms are processed using overlock. If this is not possible, then a thin satin ribbon, a slanting inlay (cut from the remnants of the base material) or lace can be sewn over the top.
  6. Getting down to cutting frills. We make measurements over the shoulders in a circle. The resulting measurement is doubled and add 2-3 cm on the seams. Increasing the length of the shuttle is necessary so that the assembly is beautifully draped. The width of the frill depends on your preference. Usually, it is 30-40 cm.
  7. We sew a shuttlecock (a wide ring is obtained) and we sew it from below and from above. In the upper part of the insert gum and sew to the base of the dress, given the armhole.

For clarity, you can use a schematic pattern, which is designed for size 46 (proposed in the photo below). Given the nuances of your figure, you can change it up or down.

Dress With Shuttlecock On The Shoulders

To diversify the already beautiful model, for the shuttle can use a different material, both in color and in texture. Beautiful summer patterns can be obtained using a wide lace or mesh for a frill. And so that the dress fits over the figure, you can make tucks, insert elastic on the belt, or just use a wide belt.

What to wear with a trendy outfit?

Wide and voluminous frills are associated with femininity and grace. Therefore, dresses with frills can be combined with strict jackets, and even with a jacket. Footwear is best to choose simple non-fermented forms:

  • classic shoes;
  • sports sneakers;
  • Low boots on the platform.

Accessories should not attract attention. A thin bracelet, small earrings, and a light little handbag will suffice.

Dress With Shuttlecock On The Shoulders

Simple and effective models of dresses are often used in collections of the family bow. The fact is that such clothes are suitable both for little fashionistas and young mummies. After all, all girls and women want to look stylish, spectacular and feminine!

We hope that the proposed workshop on sewing summer women’s dress with flounce will be useful to you. Using the tips and tricks, you can update your wardrobe with a beautiful model.

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